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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- In the midst of the severe global economic crises, people have become doubtful about spending a peaceful retirement life, with a consistent flow of income. They are looking for credible investment alternatives, but the fact that the markets are overflowing with so many dodgy products, it looks like a mere dream. Business experts and consultants recommend that individuals should conduct a comprehensive and thorough research before buying or investing in any such product.

Wendy Kirkland’s MERIT Paycheck, however, is the newest Options Trading system to hit the Options market and is regarded as one of the most exclusive and reliable income trading solutions available today. It is known for efficiently offering high amount of profits within a short period of time, whilst guaranteeing retirees with a long-term financial stability. This system is claimed to be an innovative form of investment such that it introduces a new live training strategy that effectively works for all Options traders every time and is the only trading system so far that is based on the QQQs that offers excellent performance and serves as an instantly credible and reliable path towards luxurious retirement.

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The moment Wendy discovered that the QQQs have a combination of special elements that make it lucrative, consistent, reliable and steadier than most other forms of option trading, she incorporated it into her system, giving rise to the ultimate early retirement vehicle ever, the MERIT Paycheck. The QQQs are more profitable and secure, and one does not need to learn any special chart indicators to interpret them. In addition, any stock broker will gladly handle a trade on a QQQs position via a phone or online, and executes it in just a few minutes, turning the investor’s money into double profits. On the QQQs option chain, clients can also find strikes at every dollar, and can trade in penny increments.

MERIT (My Early Retirement Income Trading) is a complete, step-by-step system that includes Wendy’s own tried and tested proprietary trade alerts for using QQQs to accelerate the users’ cash inflows and to provide them with a financially sound lifestyle. A flexible and nimble system, the investors are free to take their money off the table at any time. Wendy’s team is highly proficient and experienced in options trading and rarely holds a position longer than  a week, which is a critical risk-protection feature in today’s volatile market. She has further used every significant and technical tool available to ensure that her clients trade in the market, when the potential profits are the highest. Since the money is only exposed for precise bursts of time, there lies a little risk that the investors will be in a loss for more than a few days.

Being an exclusive advisory service, Wendy Kirkland’s MERIT Paycheck delivers specific trade alerts via email. In the first year of live trading, these alerts produced 92.25% winning trades and after-commission profits around $66,263 on a $5,000 account. The subscribers will also receive a Option Trading the Quintessential QQQs course, consisting of a manual and DVDs, that will effectively help them in learning the strategies on which the recommendations of the MERIT Paycheck are based. It is offered at two varying price packages, a 6-month subscription and 18-month subscription, and includes essential charts of recent option trades.

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MERIT Paycheck aims to protect the users’ money by recommending them to use a cash account rather than a margin account through which investors are never exposed to the risk of speculation or shortages, in any leveraged futures. They can make as many round-trip trades as they have funds to cover. The funds from today’s position sale will be available the next trading day. In addition, the QQQ exchange traded fund enables them to spread out their investments over a wide basket of stocks, hence minimizing the risk of a loss.

Dollie A., from San Luis, Arizona writes, “I’m happy with a few hundred bucks once or twice a day. It’s a comfortable way to trade.”

About Merit Paycheck
MERIT (My Early Retirement Income Trading) is a complete, step-by-step system that includes Wendy’s own proprietary trade alerts for using QQQs to grow the users’ income and to give them a financially stable lifestyle.

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