"West Coast Music Inudustry Honors" Is Honoring Music History


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- “WEST COAST MUSIC INDUSTRY HONORS” is honoring music history. By recognizing those in the West Coast Music Industry that have made significant impacts in music and the lives of others through their work and actions.

Tickets: www.axs.com

The purpose of the WEST COAST MUSIC INDUSTRY HONORS formerly known as the WEST COAST LEGENDS & ICONS – Hall of Fame Awards are to “honor” and recognize not just the artist of the West Coast, but to pay homage and recognition to the West Coast music industry as a whole.

After working diligently to create a awards show that would recognize the people, teams, companies and supporters of the West Coast music industry, the name of West Coast Legends and Icons was chosen for the awards ceremony. Yet, for some reason it just never seemed to fit or encompass the magnitude of what the founders of the show were looking for.

Thanks to Hip Hop Hall of Fame (Museum) founder and CEO, JT Thompson and his Board – for pointing out that the name simply was too small and did not adequately express all that the awards show represented. With Mr. Thompson making such a valid and pointed observation the founding members of the WEST COAST LEGENDS & ICONS – Hall of Fame Awards went back to the drawing board and thus WEST COAST MUSIC INDUSTRY HONORS was born. The new name, even though its change comes so close to the date of the Honors show, was the best possible thing that could have happened. WEST COAST MUSIC INDUSTRY HONORS now has a name that embraces not just a few, but ALL of what the music industry on this side of the world represents. From the A&R teams, to the DJ’s, to the Marketing and Promo Departments to the artists – all are now considered and recognized for the work that they put out blood, sweat and tears to perform.

For years other award shows have honored the artist, but no one has really ever recognized or acknowledged those that help get them there, meaning those that helped bring the artist and their music to the shelves of retail and ears of many adoring fans. Now there is! The public is welcome and tickets are now on sale.

WHEN: Monday, June 23, 2014
TIME: Doors and Red-Carpet 6pm / Show 8pm
800 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Tickets: www.axs.com
Dress Code: BLACK TIE

The list of performances will include SkeeLo, Xibit, King T, Jacob Lusk, Rappin4Tay, Troop (B&B), Goodlifers and many more. Honors going to Lee Cadena, Howard Hewitt, Violet Brown, Quiet riot, The Runnaways, Greg Mack, World Class Wrecking Crew and others -that have made great contributions to the music industry.

Nation – International and Local - Press will be covering this much anticipated event.

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