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West Jordan, UT Bio-Hacking Health Company "Nimbus Performance" Voted Top 10 Enzyme Boost Dietary Supplement for Technology


West Jordan, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2017 -- It's no secret that science and medical experts around the globe are focused on cellular health in pursuit of a longer and more productive life. The body is amazing when cells are healthy and active, which has now become the mantra for Nimbus Performance. The Nimbus cm2 Cloud Technology is designed to assist the normal function of the body to maintain cellular health.

At Nimbus, we'll stay focused on the roots. It's science, not business.
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COMPANY:  When joining the trifecta of products, technology and nutrition with the corporation, it creates a marriage of business vision and stability that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for their associates and customers.

PRODUCTS:  To create Nimbus, a total wellness company, they joined the Nimbus cm2 technologies with X2 FORCE nutritional supplements and a proven nutrition plan powered by Clean Simple Eats. This product trifecta is a powerful wellness program and an industry first.  In addition, the Nimbus corporate trifecta is a solid platform which allows Nimbus products to mature, expand and create a performance revolution around the globe.

Spend some time with Nimbus, use the technologies and products and catch the vision and the potential of this health revolution. Nimbus Performance is unique. Their focus is on cellular solutions at the core, not Band-Aids for short sighted profit motives. This clearly separates them from the sea of faux health and nutrition companies. 

The cm2 Cloud Technology is a connected WEB of sequenced tiny micro-coils that generate a dynamic polarizing field to essentially exercise and energize cells.  The Background: The amazing human body has an estimated 37.2 trillion cells. Cells contain molecules which are made of smaller components called atoms. These atoms are electrical and made up of three subatomic particles: protons (positive charge), electrons (negative charge), and neutrons (no charge).

The human cell is comprised of these electrical atoms, which means cells, like batteries, carry various charges which can be improved as well as moved or exercised electrically. Additionally, it is important to note that healthy cells have a higher electrical mV charge than their damaged or sick cell counterparts.

The Technology:  The cm2 Cloud Technology creates increased energy and movement at the cellular level, promoting a cascade of positive benefits, including cellular metabolism. Cells with low energy tend to clump or stack (ethrocyte aggregation) and energized and healthy cells tend to repel, exposing the entire surface area to the benefits of cellular metabolism, which is nutrient uptake and disposal of CO2, the living process of a healthy cell.

Free flowing (non-stacked), healthy and properly energized cell benefits include: Improved nutrient absorption, Improved ability to expel waste, Improved blood flow in the smallest capillaries, Improved cellular functions, including regeneration and repair.  Healthy cellular activity allows the body to achieve the functions and capabilities the body is designed to achieve, including:  Improved circulation, Pain management, Oxygen uptake, Enhanced recovery, Improved energy, Detoxification and General overall wellness.  Now is the Time!  Call: 801-809-7766

Freedom is critical at Nimbus performance!  The same three things generally shackle people from doing what they really want: time, income and not being the boss. They want to offer freedom to break the shackles. The Nimbus Performance business venture provides the opportunity to achieve this freedom. Be Healthy, Be Happy and Be Whole.

Time-Freedom:  Nimbus Performance allows one to take charge of their own time and schedule. No more nine to five and punching the clock. No more missing out on important life events because they're needed in the office. Take charge. They offer freedom.  Call Now!  801-809-7766

Self-Freedom:  No one likes answering to their boss… so don't! Become a Nimbus Performance associate and be the boss. The time is now to take charge of catching those dreams.

Financial-Freedom:  Financial freedom is more than just work, it is smart work! Nimbus Performance offers opportunity to learn to work both strategically and smart to pursue the financial freedom one deserves. Working smart now means a lasting residual income forever. Becoming an associate for Nimbus Performance puts one in control of themself and the creation of their own success story. They offer financial freedom.

Corporate Commitment!  Let's get right to the point. Nimbus is a company with incredible technology and intellectual property and has a corporate mantra to guarantee the business organization doesn't shackle the sharing of this science to the world.  This is their 10 point pledge, to insure Nimbus is not just a single event for their associates, but their new way of life.   To never stop innovating and investing in new technology.  To use cutting-edge technology and tools to keep corporate overhead low, using savings to lower costs and increase profits for their associates.  To value and listen to the associate; their customers and to their associates.  To rely on their science based technologies.  To be conservative with their corporate environment fiscal choices.  To become an industry leader in operational efficiency.  To support charities or organizations which create a real human difference.  To maintain a management team that demonstrates absolute integrity and honesty.  To dream big, and have the courage to pursue these big dreams.  To create a culture and environment that attracts like-minded team members.

X2 PURE is a premium blend of highly targeted ingredients with specific cleansing and metabolic boosting traits when specifically used with the Nimbus cm2 WEB. Cellular health being the forefront of Nimbus, this special blend of milk thistle extract, aloe leaf, chlorella and alpha lipoic acid have been scientifically blended to give the body a powerful cleanse for maximum benefit with Nimbus Performance supplements.  The Delivery System: X2 PURE capsule and blend are designed for affective absorption to support the body's natural cleansing process. The custom 5-day program is designed to gently deliver the maximum cleansing power for an X2 PURE body.

X2 BASE is a premium blend of 30 highly targeted minerals, vitamins and phyto-nutrients created specifically for optimal cellular absorption, especially when used in tandem with the Nimbus cm2 WEB. Cellular health being the scientific forefront of Nimbus, this targeted blend contains nine high impact minerals, 12 beneficial vitamins and a cascade of powerful phyto-nutrients. X2 BASE will capture essential nutritional balance for a performance lifestyle.  The Delivery System:  X2 BASE capsules and blend are designed for quick absorption and the promotion healthy cellular metabolism. The four capsule a day program delivers the optimum amount of supplemental nutrition for a performance lifestyle.

X2 FLEX is a premium blend of carefully selected natural ingredients which are acclaimed worldwide to promote healthy joint mobility as well as help relieve the aches and pains of everyday life, especially when used in tandem with the Nimbus cm2 WEB. Cellular health being the forefront of Nimbus, this scientific blend contains UCII type two chicken external cartilage, curcuminoids, hyaluronic acid and MSMs blended specifically to encourage healthy joints and flexibility in the body.  The Delivery System:  X2 FLEX capsule and blend are designed for supporting cellular recovery, mobility and strength. The two capsule, once-a-day capsule program delivers the optimum amount of supplemental nutrition for an active and ongoing lifestyle.

Nimbus didn't start with the idea of building a company. They just wanted to understand and explore potential new technologies the founders uncovered in their medical practice. Years later and armed with incredible stories, they now understand the great benefit these technologies have worldwide when teamed with powerful distribution.