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West New York Smiles Is Now Offering Dental Implants This Fall 2013


Hershey, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- When teeth are decaying and damaged to the point where a root canal won’t revitalize the nerves and heal the tissue inside the tooth, patients are left with two options: dentures or dental implants. Both are artificial teeth, but dentures require the patient to live without all of their teeth for an extended period of time—usually over one month—while the gums and tissues heal from the tooth loss. As an easy alternative to dentures, West New York Smiles is pleased to announce they will be offering dental implant procedures to new and existing clients this fall 2013 season.

If patients are missing one or a select few teeth, then dental implants serve as a replacement without disturbing the health of the surrounding teeth. There are many reasons why individuals might think about receiving dental implants. These can include whether or not that person has an overbite or an underbite, if the sensitivity of the tooth is too much to bear, or if the missing or decaying tooth affects the quality and overall look of the smile. There’s no better dentistry to receive a dental implant in West New York.

The process involves impressions being taken of the mouth in an effort to find the appropriate dimensions and spacing where the implant will be placed. Surgery will be required where the professional periodontist or dentist near Hoboken at West New York Smiles will drill into the bone near the gums and insert the titanium dental implant. The mouth will be numbed so the patient won’t feel any work that is being done to the teeth and gums, and after a few visits to make sure the implants are performing properly, they will function for a number of years, requiring minimal maintenance.

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