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West New York Smiles Now Offering Fixed Bridges to Patients This Spring


West New York, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- A smile is one thing that a person cherishes most. Unfortunately, accidents happen and a tooth or several teeth can fall out of the mouth. Missing teeth can affect the self-esteem and cause a sense of uneasiness when smiling. To help their patients restore a beautiful smile, West New York Smiles is announcing their services for fixed bridge installations this spring season. The procedure provides individuals with a permanent dental appliance in place of dentures.

The fixed bridges are durable and are fabricated to match the color of existing teeth for a smooth transaction into the mouth. There are a few types of bridges that a patient can have implemented into the mouth, with porcelain being the most popular procedure. The bridges will assist in maintaining facial shape, prevent the shift of other teeth, and effectively help to restore chewing and speaking. Proper upkeep is recommended to ensure the life of the bridge, and regular visits to the cosmetic dentist in West New York will aid in its longevity.

Patients will be required to make multiple appointments before the bridge is fixed into the mouth. The teeth will be numbed, and enamel will be removed to permit space for a crown. Once a mold is taken of the mouth, the dentist near Hoboken will send the impressions to a laboratory in order to create quality bridges. While the bridge is being created, a temporary bridge will be placed into the mouth. Patients will have their fixed bridges implemented during the next visit, where the dentist will adjust and cement the appliance into the mouth for a proper fit. It will be permanently cemented during an additional visit once the teeth have become accustomed to the appliance.

For more information, contact West New York Smiles and see which procedure will prove to be most beneficial.

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