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West Seattle Residents Rush to Djaouida for Their Sugaring Treatments


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2012 -- Waxing is a common procedure for women to undergo in order to remove unsightly hair, but all-natural hair removal techniques are beginning to make a comeback. Sugaring — which removes the hair at the follicle through the use of a sugar paste — is a natural technique similar to waxing but with some important differences.

Sugar paste is composed of only sugar, water and lemon, which means that it is a very safe way to achieve maximal hair removal results. This paste is so safe that it is even edible, something that cannot be said for waxes used in similar procedures. Plus, the sugar paste is applied at temperatures that are lower than those at which wax is applied. This means that sugaring procedures are safe even for those with sensitive skin.

With all of these advantages, the popularity of sugaring is growing all over the U.S. As a result, many West Seattle residents are now talking about Djaouida, a specialist of facial treatments, natural skincare and sugaring in their community.

Djaouida is an expert at sugaring hair removal techniques, and affirms the advantages of sugaring over other hair removal techniques: “Hair removal using sugar leaves the skin with a clean healthy glow, without any nicks and cuts, as is the case with shaving. As opposed to waxing, the skin is left in a much healthier state.”

Djaouida provides sugaring treatments for women and men on the face and the body. By visiting her website, potential clients can read more about these treatments and their prices. In addition to sugaring, clients can also read about the facials and skin treatments offered by Djaouida. A variety of exotic facials are available, like the Moroccan facial, the Hawaiian facial and the Goddess facial. Clients can discover the key ingredients as well as the results of each facial by visiting the website. They can also discover skin treatments for the body that include cleansing, massaging, exfoliating and moisturizing.

Interested clients can even book these treatments right on the website. By doing so they can experience Djaouida’s vast knowledge of skin care as well as her specialized capabilities in a variety of skin treatments.

About Djaouida
Djaouida, located in West Seattle, specializes in Facial Treatments, Natural Skincare and Sugaring in Seattle such as Brazilians, Bikini, Brows, Lip and Body Sugaring. Clients are always greeted with a warm welcome in an incredibly comfortable atmosphere. Djaouida is a certified sugarist and provides a full scale of sugaring services. She creates beautiful brows and is proficient with Brazilian sugaring as well.

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