West Tennessee Student Entrepreneur Sells Pixel Ads for Grandmother and Education

OnceABillion.com offers small advertising for a good cause


Huntingdon, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- Tim Earls, a young West Tennessee student and entrepreneur, has many things on his mind: helping his grandmother who is 77 years old, get into long term health care and funding his education studying vocal performance at Belmont University in Nashville are just two among them.

“My grandmother is very special to me, and the need for my family to get her into long-term care to address her battle with Alzheimer’s disease has come along at the same time when we’re struggling to find a way to pay for my education,” Earls says. “I figured the best way to help finance these two daunting needs is to harness the power of the Internet.”

Earls created OnceABillion.com to come to the rescue. The site sells inexpensive advertising in blocks of 15 by 15 pixels to advertisers looking for basic web ads while supporting a good cause. The ad blocks will remain in place for up to nine years, and the accompanying blog and social media accounts will keep donor/advertisers abreast of the developments in his education and his grandmother’s health care.

“My grandmother spent her entire life giving back to the community, as a Red Cross volunteer, an ombudsman working in nursing homes, donating her time to Toys for Tots and her church, and raising money for wounded veterans” he says. “She’s given so much of her time to the community. I’m hoping to use this site as a way to allow others to help her in a time of need.”

Hoping to assist his parents in enrolling his grandmother in a long-term care facility, Earls has set a goal of raising $5000 through his site. Any additional revenues would go to offset his student debt. Besides contributing to the various causes, advertisers will get a small banner and back link posted on OnceABillion.com.

“Back links are really important for improving search engine ranking results, and as my web site builds in traffic it will help advertisers improve their search engine rankings,” he says. “My site offers an affordable way to build back links and improve search engine rankings, over and above the advertising value.”

Earls is a young man who wears the label “entrepreneur” with some pride. Beyond the charitable goals of OnceABillion.com, he has plans for many other enterprises. He aspires to be a writer, and he’s already working on the outline for a self-published fiction book. He has plans for an iPhone and Android game, and ideas for a social network platform to rival Facebook.

To find out more about Tim Earls or to purchase pixel advertising blocks, visit OnceABillion.com. You can also follow the results of the donations through his blog and other social media sites.

About Tim Earls
Tim Earls is a 17-year old West Tennessee student and entrepreneur. His website OnceABillion.com offers small, 15x15 pixel block advertising to benefit his grandmother Betty Coolahan’s long term health care, his education, and many other charitable causes.

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