Westchester County iPhone Repair Business Is First to Launch Realtime Repair Scheduling

Westchester County iPhone repair business has just launched a realtime repair scheduling service on their website. This is a very new development in the industry and iFix iBuy is the first in Westchester County, New York to launch this.


New Rochelle, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- iFix iBuy has just launched a real-time phone repair scheduler on its website. It is designed for clients with a need of repair for their broken iPhones, iPads and other Android phones to acquire service on the same day in which they schedule the repair. The technology allows clients to select their device, find the type of repair needed, and simply schedule the repair online. The iFix iBuy repair team will perform the repair service in the comfort of the clients’ home or office on the spot at the time they wished to schedule the repair.

Approximately more than 120 million mobile phones are being tossed away in America per year and 500 million additional phones are being kept at home only waiting for disposal.

Although mobile phones have become a status symbol over time, their real purpose still boils down to communication. Due to the high cost of a new smartphone if out of a warranty, most consumers prefer to repair versus replace their device.

Mobile phone repair companies such as iFix iBuy have become prevalent nowadays. iFix iBuy is the only company in Westchester County, New York that offers a real-time mobile phone repair service that can be instantly scheduled online. Its services are not only intended for those who cannot afford to buy a brand new mobile phone, but likewise for minor problems like the dysfunction of power button, volume button, vibrating capabilities, microphone, speaker, headphone and charge jack, both front and back camera and more.

Apart from that, fixing cracked screens, broken LCDs and nonresponsive touch screens; fixing water and software damage; and unlocking phones are also done by iFix iBuy. In addition, most repairs can be done on the spot within 30 minutes or less and also come with a 30-day warranty.

For additional information, visit the iFix iBuy website through the link below or see their repair reviews.


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