Western Drilling Tools Inc. - a New Era of Drilling Tools Have Arrived


Alberta, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- This month, Western Drilling Tools Inc. have announced its new line of drilling tools that are state of the art and never before seen in the market. The move was aimed to satisfy the demands of Construction, Geothermal, Mining, Oil and Gas, Environmental and Exploration companies. With a vast assortment of custom drilling supplies that are offered in various styles and sizes depending on the needs of the clients. Basically, the company is capable of supplying tools and accessories to various drilling industries and drilling rigs.

Most of Western Drilling’s products and tools are produced in their own full service machine shop. They can customize any drilling tool, in order to meet the demands of their client. Starting with PDC Bits and oil field Tricones that are manufactured in different styles and grades to accommodate various drilling operations like deep-hole oil field drilling.  They can also supply Core and Reverse Circulation Pipes that are produced using various steel sizes and grades.

Another important product from WDT is their coring equipment and coring drilling tools which is considered by major drilling companies as the best tools and equipment in the deep core mining industry. Each part that is manufactured in their full service machine shop is put through strict quality control, in order to produce the most exceptional coring equipment that is both accurate and extremely durable. They can also supply the most state of the art percussive drilling tools that are commonly used in setting casing as well as micro piles and piles. Using the latest casing technology like Stratex Overburden and Drop Off System, WDT has pushed the capabilities of casing advancement drilling tools to new heights.

Western Drilling Tools’ main objective is to develop a strong relationship with its customers and suppliers – building cooperation and trust in their business. That’s why they excel in providing the best service in manufacturing, distribution of construction drilling tools, designing and solving complex drilling-related problems. The company has years of experience with a fully integrated machine shop and supported by a team of well-trained professionals that can produce high quality products at the most competitive cost in exploration industry market.

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The advanced drilling tools and equipment that the company can provide coupled with excellent customer service has made Western Drilling Tools Inc. - the premier supplier and manufacturer of top quality drilling accessories and tools in Canada. If you want to request an estimate on their products and services, then you can visit their site anytime.

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