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Western Fireplace Supply Colorado Fireplace Stores Feature Pellet Stoves and Pellet Stove Inserts as Well as the Ever-Popular Gas Fireplaces and Gas Fireplace Inserts

Western Fireplace Supply showcases pellet stoves and pellet stove inserts as well as fireplace inserts which can work with other fuels like gas fireplace inserts and wood fireplace inserts


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2019 -- Western Fireplace has conveniently located Colorado fireplace stores across the state in Avon, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins. Pellet stoves are a popular option in Colorado for many reasons. Freestanding pellet stoves can be positioned throughout the home as they do not require the extensive chimney systems that are a requirement with wood burning appliances. Where wood is not easily accessible, particularly in rural areas, pellet burning stoves use 'pellets' as a fuel. These are made up of wood chips, waste paper, industrial waste, and cordwood. This biomass is compressed into pellets that have a moisture content of between 5% and 10%. Compared directly with a gas fireplace of a similar size, pellet stoves tend to generate more heat and they are also cheaper to operate. When considering how much fuel to buy and weighing the logistics of transporting the fuel and storage, one forty-pound bag of pellet fuel provides approximately 24 hours of solid heat. Depending on the climate, the space to heat, and the lifestyle choices of a homeowner, one entire winter's supply of pellet fuel could be between 100 and 150 bags. Once the fuel is bought, there are pellet stoves available at Western Fireplace Supply which make automated running simple, with large hoppers to store unused fuel above the stove, and large ash pans underneath the stove which are integrated into the design of the stove pedestal. There is no need to open the stove door in order to entirely remove the ashes. Wall thermostats, which are standard on all Lopi Yankee pellet stove models, or remote-controlled thermostats, can be set to the desired temperature and the pellet stove operation will be hands-free. When looking at the environmental impact of pellet burning stoves, pellets are 100% natural and renewable fuel. Naturally occurring in wood fibers, lignin is used to bind the pellets together as it acts as a glue when it is compressed. To offer a specific example of a pellet stove with a large capacity, the FoxFire pellet stove has an 80-pound hopper capacity and can heat up to 2,500 square feet. In addition to the practical heat-generating statistics, black mirrored glass and an ornate arched glass door bring a traditional aesthetic to a modern home. This FoxFire pellet stove is also certified at only 0.89 grams of emissions per hour.

In addition to custom fireplaces, Western Fireplace Supply stock wood burning stoves, pellet burning stoves, gas fireplaces, fireplace inserts, gas fireplace inserts, wood fireplace inserts, and pellet fireplace inserts), wood burning fireplaces, gas logs. Their team of experts is able to help find the ideal heating solution or decorative fireplace for residential and commercial properties.

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Operating since 1983, Western Fireplace Supply has seen many changes in fireplace design and technology in the decades since. They bring their depth of knowledge and the highest standards to offer a wide range of products including gas fire pit inserts, fireplaces, wood burning stoves, see through fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts, fireplace vents, venting/chimney pipes, glass doors and gas logs. Heating solutions are unique to each living space and customer. Their team of experienced professionals can help find the perfect wood burning stove for a cottage in the woods or a sleek Da Vinci custom fireplace for the most stylish and elegant apartment. More than just a showroom, Western Fireplace Supply has installers who are extensively trained and certified, they understand the complexity involved and place customer safety paramount. With three Colorado fireplace stores in Colorado Springs, Avon and Fort Collins, Western Fireplace Supply has helped more people find heating solutions for their homes than any other Colorado fireplace store.To find out more and explore the website, please visit: http://www.westernfireplace.com/

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