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Western State Design (WSD) Announces Fall 2013 Service Schools for Milnor Laundry Equipment Manufactured in Kenner, LA by Pellerin Milnor Corporation


Hayward, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Milnor Laundry equipment seminars offered at Western State Design in Hayward, CA. The three seminars focus on Milnor OPL washer-extractors, Milnor Continuous Batch Washers and the third seminar is for Chemical Representatives.

Western State Design is teaming up with the Pellerin Milnor Corporation to offer a series of commercial laundry seminars. The seminars will take place over three days with each day having a specific focus. The first seminar is designed to augment the knowledge of chemical representatives with regards to Milnor Laundry equipment. The program gives an in depth look at the programming and features for both Milnor OPL washer-extractors and Milnor continuous batch washers (CBW), the chemical signal connections for each, how the patented energy efficient controls operate and finally a question and answer segment. The following two seminars each focus specifically on maintenance and operations for the OPL washer-extractors and the CBWs. The service seminars are a great opportunity to have specific questions answered, help train employees who operate or maintain equipment and learn about new technology.

The 3 service schools will be held in the corporate headquarters of Western State Design as follows:

- September 10th - this seminar is designed for chemical vendors and representatives servicing Milnor Washer-Extractors and CBW (Tunnel Wash Systems)
- September 11th - Milnor Washer-Extractors for maintenance professionals, plant engineers and management personnel
- September 12th – Milnor Continuous Batch Wash Systems, Extractors, Presses, Dryers and new Milnor PulseFlow Tunnel Systems. This seminar is for laundry plant engineers and operations management.

“The three seminars will give industry professionals direct access to the latest technologies from Milnor and seminar guests will have the opportunity to meet and ask their questions directly to Gary Lazarre, Director of Product Development for Milnor.,” said Todd Hyrn, Director of Operations. Hyrn continued: “We think these are must-attend events for anyone who operates Milnor equipment, provides wash room chemicals for Milnor laundry equipment or is considering purchase of Milnor equipment.,” he added.

These seminars will assist all professionals in the laundry industry to effectively have all information available to maintain their existing Milnor laundry equipment and provide the latest tips on how to maximize production and increase uptime with their laundry equipment.

Western State Design has designed, developed, and equipped state-of-the-art commercial and industrial laundries throughout the world. Maximizing production, lowering labor costs, minimizing utility expense, reducing environmental impact, and growing profitability – these are common goals of all commercial laundries. To learn more about Western State Design visit http://www.westernstatedesign.com/.

If you are interested in attending any of the service schools, please register in advance. There is no charge to attend the schools, however, it is highly recommended that anyone who is considering participating should contact WSD. Potential attendees contact Julia Palarca (510) 786-9271 ext. 300 or jpalarca@westernstatedesign.com.

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