What a Pregnant Woman Should Know About Her Baby's Teeth

Dental care is important even for an unborn baby.


Anaheim, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2014 -- Since Dr. Chuck Le opened the first office of 7 Day Dental in Anaheim in 1990, the dental clinic has provided superior quality dental care to thousands of satisfied patients in Orange County. 7 Day Dental has a highly-qualified and experienced team of doctors in all areas of dentistry, such as pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics and orthodontics.

Dental care is important even for an unborn baby. Here are 7 important facts for a new mom to remember:

1. Primary (baby) teeth start to form between the sixth and eighth week of prenatal development, and permanent teeth begin to form in the twentieth week.

2. If a mother has tooth decay that is left untreated, her baby will have four times the risk of developing the condition in future.

3. Deficiency of calcium, phosphorus and other essentials minerals and vitamins might lead to hypoplastic enamel (a defect causing incomplete formation of dental enamel) in the unborn baby’s dentition and an increase in tooth decay at an early age.

4. Lack of folic acid in pregnant women has been shown to result in birth defects in their babies.

5. The antibiotic tetracycline, when taken during pregnancy or given to the infant during its first three months, might lead to discoloration of the baby’s primary teeth.

6. Tetracycline staining of permanent teeth takes place between birth and eight years. There are many other antibiotics which do not promote tooth discoloration.

7. A necessary quantity of vitamins A, C, D, calcium and phosphorus will benefit a pregnant woman and safeguard the oral health of her newborn baby.

Also, pregnant women must be extremely careful even while undergoing simple dental procedures like cleaning or whitening. They can never afford to be directly exposed to x-rays. Due to hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, they are more prone to gingivitis and other gum ailments. Gum disease, when left untreated, is also believed to be a contributing factor to premature delivery and the birth of underweight babies. So, expectant women must get their dental problems treated very carefully by an experienced dentist. The 7 Day Dental offices have complete facilities and highly experienced doctors that take extremely good care of pregnant women.

All four offices of 7 Day Dental have dentists with different specializations to provide complete oral health care; patients never had to look for a specialist elsewhere. Every call made to the office is answered by a knowledgeable staff member and emergency appointments can be made on the same day. As 7 Day Dental remains open even on weekends, it has become well known in the area as a "weekend dental office", or "emergency dentists for Orange County". In 24 years of its medical services, Dr. Chuck Le's dental clinic has grown to four locations in Orange County, CA - Ladera Ranch, Anaheim/Euclid St., Anaheim/Lincoln Blvd. and Laguna Woods. For more information about 7 Day Dental, visit their site, www.7daydental.com.

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