What All Females Need to Know About Estrogen Dominance

A website that focuses on helping women increase the size of their breasts naturally has just published an article that every woman should read


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- Increase My Breast, a website focused on helping underdeveloped females increase their breast size naturally, has just published an interesting article on estrogen dominance that every woman should read. According to some women are so focused on making their boobs bigger that they sometimes neglect their health a little. "One of the most important factors when it comes to natural breast growth is the amount of estrogen or progesterone is in your body", stated Sarah, an administrator on the site.

"You have to have the perfect balance in order to successfully make your breasts bigger with all natural approaches", sarah continued. She went on to say that you have to have the right balance, and many times the estrogen level will spike while the progesterone levels will drop. When this happens it will cause estrogen dominance, which can cause all kinds of different health problems, and even sabotage one’s breast enlargement goals.

On the website sarah and her team gives readers a list of different things they can do to regain their natural hormonal balance and stop estrogen dominance. One of these methods covered by Increase My Breast involves eating phyto-estrogen rich foods. These kind of foods help stimulate estrogen activity, while keeping one’s hormones well balanced. The site also covers some potentially bad phyto-estrogen rich foods such as soy.

"We wrote this article on estrogen dominance because we wanted to educate all of our readers on potential hazards like xenoestrogens", stated Sarah. According to the site, xenoestrogens are toxic estrogens that block up the cell receptors in our body by mimicking the natural shape of our estrogen. Pesticides are the most common xenoestrogens that are out there and people are always exposed to them because they are in most commercial meats.

Sarah and her team share various things with their readers that they can do to avoid these pesticides in their daily life. One of the main points covered in the article is to start eating more organic foods. Stay away from processed foods, coffee, and sodas, as they contain the most xenoestrogens.

Sarah also states that she has focused a lot of the content on different things that can be done to reverse estrogen dominance. This is important according to her because she doesn't want her readers to feel that there is no hope at avoiding this condition and boosting their breast size.

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