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What Are the Main Principles of Protecting the Crystal Charms in Daily Life?

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Shixiaqu, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- Most of people like to wear the bracelets with the beautiful crystal charms because the pure crystal charms have the power to bring with them good luck and fortune. But, the crystal stone is not as stable as people's imagination and people should carefully their favorite crystal charms for bracelet. Today, the famous crystal charms wholesale site would let people know more about the protection for the crystal products.

The surface of the crystal charms for bracelet is as bright as a mirror so people should try to avoid sweat, grease and dust which would let the crystal lose luster. After each wearing for the crystal jewelry, people could apply the mild soapy water and soft brush lightly to wash the crystal charms for bracelet. This should be the most simple and convenient way to clean. After cleaning, the jewelry with the crystal charms should be put on a dry and lint-free towel. And then, the towel with the crystal charms could be placed in a cool place to dry naturally

Furthermore, the crystal charms for bracelet should be anti-collision and anti- beat. The crystal has high hardness and brittleness so that people cannot force it or make it crash falls from a high place. On the other hand, the large press should be also avoided. So, if people wear the bracelet with the crystal charms or parts, people should pay more attention to the crystal parts and avoid the hitting to these areas.

The other point should be the resistance for corrosion. From the normal point, the crystals nature is crystal charms for bracelets actually very stable but cracks or the nature of other associated minerals will be changed. So, the crystal charms for bracelet should be avoided the contacting with acids, alkalis and other chemicals or corrosive materials. Otherwise, these chemicals will corrode crystal along the crack or other minerals. The expert from website has said this is very crucial.

The crystal charms for bracelet should be also avoided the high temperature. Please do not put it into the high-temperature water. The high temperature tends to produce large crystal cracks, discoloration and other unnecessary damage. The crystal charms should be avoided high-temperature heating and radioactive radiation in order to maintain color and gloss ever. The exposure to sunlight or direct sunlight should also be strictly prevented because of the color fading. Hope people could strictly obey these rules because the crystal charms could be easy damaged.

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