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What Attracts Mosquitoes: OUTXPRO Public Relations Ongoing Pest Control Information Program


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2016 -- They seem to come out of nowhere and for some reason attack certain people more than others. How does this occur? And how could such a small creature even 'know' what to attack?

One fact that is widely accepted by researchers is that carbon dioxide (CO2), a gas exhaled by all mammals, is the major attractant for mosquitoes and can be sensed by mosquitoes from up to 40 meters. When females of this insect sense CO2 they immediately go into a zigzag pattern of flight in order to ascertain the source of the CO2.

Researchers have found that once the female finds the general area of the source they then use other specific chemicals from the host to find them such as body odor from lactic acid and sweat, and then rely on heat to guide them to their final target—humans or other mammals. There are more than 350 compounds that have been recognized from odors emanating from human skin; researchers are still sorting out which ones are attractants to mosquitoes and which may actually repel them.

Here are some things that researchers do know from clinical trials and research:

Garlic and B12 do not reduce mosquito bites.
Despite the myth, eating bananas does not attract mosquitoes.
Wearing perfume does attract mosquitoes.
People drinking beer do attract mosquitoes.
Limburger cheese and peoples smelly feet attract mosquitoes.

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