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What Didn't Kill Me: Compelling New Book by Kristen Brown Inspires Victims to Become Survivors.

Proving that no matter what you have endured, there is always something to live for, Kristen Brown’s powerful, raw biography calls on her own experiences and triumphs to teach others that they can always become stronger.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- The journey of life is often filled with many trials and tribulations. Suffering and upset has many extremes and nobody knows this better than author, Kristen Brown. Having tackled many unimaginable challenges head-on, her new book seeks to help those in similar situations rise from their own personal ashes.

‘What Didn’t Kill Me’ serves two purposes - to tell Brown’s own harrowing story and to provide hope and solace for those in need. Wrapped up into a compelling and emotive book, Brown’s work is poised to change thousands of lives for the better.


How can you have a bright, happy future with one foot stuck in the mire of such a dark, unhappy past? You find any way to over-come, reconcile, forgive, let go of the pain, and help others do the same.

Feel the raw emotion of what it's like to survive and deal with child abuse, alcoholism, rape, adoption, Autism, Asperger's syndrome, poverty, depression, abandonment, loss, suicide, armed robbery, mental illness, over-coming irrational fears, road rage, PTSD, chronic pain, unrequited love, social disorders, sexual assault, kidnapping and more. In this book you will come to understand, that no matter what you have been through in life, you always have something to be grateful for, hard times build character and reveal a strength you might not have known you had. Learn how to stop being a victim, and start being a survivor.

As the author explains, her book is applicable to everyone’s life at one stage or another.

“Almost everyone endures tragedy or dire circumstances at one point or another in life. What Didn't Kill Me was written to inspire anyone struggling through difficult situations, to not just survive, but to persevere above and beyond what they believe themselves to be capable of,” says Brown, who now works as a celebrated motivational speaker.

She continues, “My story of all I have suffered, over-come, and defied falling victim to is the measure of inspiration. People need to know they're not alone.”

Having been through so much, Brown is confident that her own ability to overcome life’s hardships serves as proof that anything is possible.

“I want people to understand, if I can survive, over-come, and inspire - so can they. If sharing my story of triumph over tragedy can prevent anyone from giving up out of desperation, or prevent them from perpetuating a detrimental cycle, I believe it to be a very vital message to promulgate,” she adds.

Critics are praising Brown for the frank and honest delivery of her information. In fact, her book is already building a strong and expanding following in the world of social media. To date, over five thousand people have flocked to her Facebook page to share their own stories and reach out to the author who is inspiring their change.

“I have a lot of respect for what you are doing and how you reach out to people -- very generous and wise woman and love her!,” one of her readers wrote.

With so much success on her hands, Brown refuses to lose sight of what is really important.

“This isn’t about selling books or making money; it’s about reaching out to those in needed and giving them hope. In fact, I am donating up to 100% of all profits to child abuse and animal rescue charities. Together we can change the obscene amount of abuse in this nation,” Brown concludes.

“What Didn’t Kill Me”, published by SmashWords, is available for free from: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/253982

Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/WhatDidntKillMe

The author also maintains a page on her son’s website: http://www.thebigm.net/#!sponsors

About kristen Brown
Kristen Brown is a motivational speaker with Asperger's syndrome and PTSD who always wondered how could she ever hope to have a bright, happy future with one foot stuck in the mire of such a dark, unhappy past. She found the strength and fortitude to overcome, reconcile, forgive, let go of the pain, and help others do the same. Kristen shares her story of overcoming adversity to inspire people and help them understand that no matter what horrible, difficult, or challenging situations we go through in life, there is a way to persevere and break the cycle. Kristen wants the downtrodden masses to know, life does get better. Currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida, Kristen fosters rescued abused animals, home-schools her three children, and promotes children's books written by her 10 year old son, Kaleb who also has Asperger's syndrome.