What Having Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points Will Entail


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- HACCP is a system that is aimed at ensuring that those companies that engage in food production services comply with a range of measures. These are measures that are aimed at ensuring that the end product is not at all of a condition that can compromise the safety of those who consume it. This is achieved by targeting those areas in the production system that can be prone to food hazards. When this has been determined, stringent measures that will stop such contaminations from occurring are put in place. Hence, it is an important aspect for the companies that people rely upon for food products and has even become factor that many consumers look out for before they purchase products from a given company.

When your company receives HACCP certification, there are a number of areas that will be targeted for such anomalies that may occur. Areas that need cleaning and even disinfectant use can sometimes be prone to contamination. This can occur if there are steps in the cleaning procedure that are ignored or otherwise not done well. This can have detrimental results to those who rely on the products of the company.

Also, the personal cleanliness of those who handle these food items cannot be ignored. Thus, the staffs may need to be trained so that they get to appreciate the importance of keeping clean when they are handling food products. The company will also need to have a way of ensuring that they handle these products only when their hygiene has been proven and given a clean sheet.

Another aspect that may endanger the food items that customers purchase is the channel that they follow to reach the end consumer. Usually, when a lot of care is not taken during transportation, for example, it is highly likely that the products may really be contaminated. Thus, there also needs to be safety measures that are put in place for the distribution and even storage channels to ensure that the food items reach the consumers in the safest condition.

The aspect of control of pests is another important one for food companies. Usually, these pests will compromise the food quality especially by contamination. Hence, there is importance in having a good way of controlling and keeping away these animals for the sake of safeguarding customer health. To this end, the company needs an appropriate waste management policy. A lot of the times, poor waste management is to blame for this pest problem. Hence HACCP will also demand that a company has a good way of taking care of wastes.

Zoning requirements too will need to be given serious cover. When the company is built in an environment not suitable for taking care of food safety, the result can be that the surrounding land uses interferes with the process of clean food production. Thus, the location of the place also needs to be well selected in a manner that will ensure that the food products are entirely safe and uncorrupted.

Thus, I.N.C Global Cert will assist your company to take all its loyal responsibilities and look at all these features before they give you certification that shows your compliance to the relevant regulations and you are offering safe food products to your final consumers.

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