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What I Know About God: Compelling New Book Frees Readers from Religious Constraints to Live in Accordance with God's Will

Mary EB Smith’s powerful new book examines thirty well-known religious themes, each from a unique perspective.


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- Fusing fiction with true events and real-world spiritual themes, North Carolina’s Mary EB Smith is delighted to announce her latest book – ‘What I Know About God’.

The book’s narrative is an empowering reminder that everyone is born gifted and life is not as complicated as it seems.


“Wren is an exceptional young girl with a fascination for poisonous plants. In fact, she has a garden named Beda - Beautiful Death -- where something is always in bloom. Wren is the first-born female of the first-born female of generations of first-born women. This legacy makes her unique in ways she has yet to know.

On her tenth birthday, the truth of her heritage and the ultimate reason for her being unfold. In a dream, a Guardian tells her that her time has come; the reason for her birth is near. In order to succeed, she must know the ways of SuKu -- the Seen Unseen-Known Unknown. Wren takes her grandmother to the garden. There she says, "Tell me about God."

Already knowing the reason for her granddaughter's request, Grace picks a flower and thinks on Wren's question. "First, my darling, what God will do is already done.” Grace proceeds to open herself to Wren with stories she's kept safe for this moment.

Through her stories, Grace shares that we have more than one purpose, that God is not meant to be enough, and the real meaning of sin. At the end, Wren understands what she is called upon to do. It involves bringing a serial killer to justice. The question is: can she do it?

The author asks us to consider this: “What if there is no judgment day nor any book with your name in it? What if there is no sin? How would you live your life if God does not require service?”

She continues, “This book invites us to look at well-known religious themes from a different point of view. It is meant to free us to live in accord with God's will for our lives. What is God’s will? Read the book,” she says with a smile. “We are all born with gifts and talents that get suppressed through religion, culture and others' expectations,” says Smith, who has achieved a dominant status among African-American authors.

With several other books on the market, Smith feels strongly about recurring themes within her own writing. “I believe all things are connected, so each novel has a thread in the other. Sometimes that thread is shared characters, places or events. If you're curious about my style and you're a Dean Koontz fan, I raise the intricacy times three!” she adds.

With a popular and growing bibliography, fans of metaphysical mysteries are urged to purchase a copy of Smith’s latest book as soon as possible.

‘What I Know About God’, published by Frog’s Hair Press, is available now.

For more information, visit: http://www.frogshairpress.com

About the author, in her own words:
I am a southern writer of metaphysical mysteries using real events as the kernel of inspiration.

Spiritualism, or spirituality, is a strong component of my ideology and has an equal presence in my writing. My characters open themselves to ideas of God, and deal with their place in the world. They confront issues of life and death, good and evil, right and wrong, love and loss. The prevailing theme I write about is choice and consequence. In this regard, think of the shamanic tales of Carlos Castaneda.