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What Is a Landfill, and Where Are There Landfills in Virginia and Maryland


Manassas, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2012 -- Contrary to popular belief, the environment is a constant topic of conversation among waste disposal professionals. The truth is that waste disposal companies are typically on the forefront of championing recycling efforts, energy conservation and common sense when it comes to generating trash. This is because companies like EnviroSolutions Inc. are the people who are responsible for finding a place for all of the garbage that is set out on the curb. It’s our job to worry about the space needed (and left) to store all that trash.

Although many people don’t bother to think about it, all of that garbage you bag up and toss outside has to go somewhere, and so does your neighbors garbage as well. With tens of thousands of people all contributing multiple bags of refuse on a weekly basis, where could it all possibly fit? Well, it fits in the ground, at a landfill, probably not too far from where you live.

A landfill is a large section of land that is typically in the countryside or away from large residential areas, although some have been caught up in and around development as cities have sprawled out from their urban center. These landfills are comprised of cells, or large holes, that are dug into the earth. These cells are then filled with trash from nearby town residents and businesses. When the hole is filled to the brim, the cell is covered with dirt and made to look like regular land in the country.

However, a landfill is more than just a hole in the ground where garbage can be dumped. All landfills are monitored and regulated by state and federal regulatory guidelines. These laws ensure that the landfill maintains a balance with the environment. Ratios of garbage to dirt, the size of cells and how those cells are treated (typically some plastic barrier is laid in the hole before garbage is placed within) are all regulated by state, local and federal government to ensure that there isn't damage to the environment and ground water. In fact, landfills have very strict rules regarding the disposal of products and substances that are hazardous to the environment as well as the health of nearby residents.

ESI has three landfills that serve the Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, DC and West Virginia areas. The Lorton landfill (located in Lorton, Virginia) is a landfill set aside mostly for construction and demolition debris. The two other landfills are the Copper Ridge Landfill, located in Welch, West Virginia, and the Big Run Landfill, located in Ashland, Kentucky. These landfills serve local residents with all their general waste disposal needs. So, regardless of your disposal needs, ESI can help.

EnviroSolution, Inc. has a track record that speaks volumes about our determination to improve and protect the environment as well as our commitment to help businesses of all sizes succeed. Rest assured that if we take care of your trash, we are taking care of your town and the natural surroundings for generations to come. Let us take care of your waste disposal needs. Visit ESIWaste.com today for more information.