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Kemerovskaya, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- Must be everyone, at least once in their life, faced with the flu. This is not surprising because the influenza is one of the most common diseases. However, not all people probably know what is the flu in reality. Influenza often identify with the common cold or other acute respiratory diseases.

Viruses that cause the influenza, they are around people constantly. Because the flu viruses very quickly mutates, then people can get it many times. The virus spreads very quickly: when sneezing, coughing, talking with people who are sick. The disease remains on the skin, when people come into contact with objects, infected with a virus of a influenza, or skip infection itself, when three eyes, nose or mouth.

Practice shows that many people do not seriously enough relate to the disease of the flu. There is an opinion that such disease although unpleasant, but not dangerous, so that you do not have to go to the doctor, but simply suppress the symptoms of the influenza with the help of antibiotics. This fallacy is connected with the fact that most people do not fully knows what is dangerous flu in fact. This disease has long outgrown from medical problems in the social. Every year, flu stride is on the planet, taking the lives of thousands of people around the world and stop it is practically impossible. First of all it affect the elderly and children. However, a warning “danger - flu!” - true for adults. Heavy course of the disease can lead to irreversible consequences.

Annually, epidemic's news concludes, that the influenza leads to a high mortality rate, affecting up to 20% of the world population. Every adult in average ill with flu or other acute respiratory viral infections 2-4 times. Among children, the situation is even more complex: schoolboy is ill 4-5 times, the child of preschool age - 6 times, and the child's first year of life has from 2 to 12 episodes of acute respiratory viral infections. The total number of cases of the disease, which falls on the share of influenza is 96%. It's impressive!  Therefore, it is important to know the "enemy entity": what it is dangerous and how to be protected from it.

Flu prevents a person not only live fully, to perceive the reality, to study, work. Flu is dangerous by the fact that it is caused by a virus that constantly produces toxins in the blood of a man. It is because of this, once you have had the flu, you may have complications in the form of hearing loss, diseases of the kidneys and liver, as well as the weakening of the work of all the organs of the body.

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With the flu at least once in her life faced, perhaps, everything. And this is not surprising, because the flu is one of the most common diseases. However, not all probably know, what is influenza in fact. By creating this blog for the treatment and prevention of influenza, we have tried to make it useful for those who are looking for one or the other information about the disease of flu.

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