What Is Ghrelin? The Hunger Hormone Explained


Tuitjenhorn, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- Losing weight is known to be one of the hardest things. It is because the human body acquires stubborn body fat which is extremely difficult to get rid of. However, the world has progressed and now there are many ways through which people can achieve fitness. In order to do so, they must work hard and with a good amount of determination. For people who are not aware of what is Ghrelin, they must know that it is a growth hormone. The hunger stimulating hormone is released by the stomach and is solely the reason for food being stored in the human body.

Other than Ghrelin, there is a hormone called Leptin which tends to balance everything out easily. Both the peptide and hormones work in their own unique way in the human body. Where Ghrelin is solely a hunger stimulating hormone, Leptin on the other hand tends to act as a balancing agent that encourages energy and ingestion in the body. The conclusion which can be drawn is the fact that Leptin actually suppresses hunger, unlike Ghrelin which stimulates it by a long shot.

People who have gained a lot of weight should get to know the sole reason behind the entire process. An increase in appetite is not entirely the fault of food, since most people tend to blame food when they gain weight in the long run. Research suggests that the culprit behind excessive food intake and excessive appetite is basically Ghrelin, which many people are not aware of. A lot of lab experiments and surveys have been conducted in order to get to know about all the effects of Ghrelin in people.

However, no specific conclusion can be drawn out since the investigation is still on-going. Leptin is present in the body for the purpose of balancing out Ghrelin. Individuals who wish to lose weight at the earliest convenience are required to include many foods in their daily routine in order to stop Ghrelin from making them hungry at all times.

About Ghrelin
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