What Is the Best Debt Management Company


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- When debt becomes an overwhelming weight on one’s shoulders, it may be time to look at what is the best debt management company in the U.S. Such a company can help a person in many ways, all of which result in lower payments for him. wants to share its knowledge of these companies so consumers are well informed about them. Here is a brief listing of top-notch debt management companies:

-NIH Federal Credit Union
-CredAbility: National Consumer Credit Counseling Services
-American Debt Solutions
-CareOne Debt Relief Services

NIH Federal Credit Union
This may be the answer to “Who is the best debt management company?” This credit union is top rated because of its ability to provide people with consolidation loans that have a fixed interest rate and are spread out over a reasonable time period. NIH also provides incentive to make automatic payments online by giving a ¼% reduction to those who utilize this option. Above all, NIH’s customer service is terrific, which encourages people to utilize its services.

CredAbility: National Consumer Credit Counseling Services
This company was previously Consumer Credit Counseling and has only improved since changing its name. It is entirely possible that this business is the response to “What is the best debt management company?” its debt management plans are outstanding in the industry due to their components, such as working directly with a counselor who go over expenses versus income with a client so he understands how they work. The counselors also contact one’s creditors to request reductions in interest rates and to waive late fees. Overall, this is a contender for best DMC (debt management company).

American Debt Solutions
This could definitely be the answer to “Who is the best debt management company?” American Debt Solutions offers consolidation loans for unsecured debt, store charge card obligations, and IRS loans. According to, this business also offers credit counseling and consolidated monthly payments. As a final plus, ADS also gives clients the opportunity to save money while keeping the length of the loan short, making it a sure winner.

CareOne Debt Relief Services
CareOne is possibly the best answer to “What is the best debt management company?” It works with folks who have as little as $2,500 in debt or as much as $10,000 of it. The company offers 24/7 access to one’s account, along with the direct counseling many people need to get their finances on order. It also provides free educational sources and an online community of financial experts, making it an excellent choice for many people.

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