What Is the Difference Between a Transparent LED Display and an Outdoor LED Display


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2018 -- With the development of urbanization and commercial economy, the scale of outdoor advertising market is getting larger and larger. Outdoor LED display, which is the carrier of outdoor dynamic advertising, is more and more popular in the market, but the traditional box-type LED display has its own disadvantages. The defects have brought a lot of troubles to manufacturers and customers, and the appearance of LED transparent display has almost solved these problems which are bothering people.

Transparent led display has good heat dissipation
According to statistics, 60% of the LED display failures are caused by insufficient heat dissipation, and the louver-like structure of the LED light bar screen improves the heat dissipation performance and reduces the probability of failure. Moreover, the traditional LED display screen needs to be disassembled from the back, and often the method of "striking one body and starting the whole body" is different. The light bar screen can directly remove the fault light bar on the front side of the screen, and there is no need to construct a maintenance passage, and it is more convenient for maintenance.

Low level of protection, more suitable for indoors
In fact, the general outdoor advertising screen area demand is not as large as landmark buildings, and the large screen outdoor advertising market demand has a relatively small proportion of the entire outdoor advertising. At the same time, the traditional LED outdoor advertising screen installation difficulty and the customer demand are also low, the general outdoor advertising LED display can meet them, which makes the advantage of the LED light bar screen no longer particularly prominent. In addition, as an LED display screen with a non-closed structure, the light bar screen is difficult to be generally recognized as a conventional box-type display screen. As we all know, outdoor display screens are inevitably subjected to wind and sunshine for a long time. Tolerance has become a very important requirement for such products. The open structure makes it difficult for the light bar screen to be waterproof and dustproof. The traditional LED display is as convincing as possible, which undoubtedly limits the wide application of the LED light bar screen.

Resolution is lower than traditional led display
With the development of urbanization and commercialization, the demand for outdoor close-range display market has also begun to increase, and the dot pitch of the box-type LED display has achieved technological innovation with a dot pitch of less than 3 mm, which can meet the demand for close-range viewing. It is ideal for outdoor close-up display applications. However, the insufficiency of the hollowing out characteristics for sacrificing the dot pitch means that the outdoor close-range application field is difficult for the LED light bar screen enter.

Indoor installation and outdoor viewing reduces advertising approval process
If the outdoor small spacing is difficult to affect the LED light bar screen, the appearance of the LED transparent screen will greatly divide the application field of the LED light bar screen. The Transparent LED display has become one of the most popular displays in recent years with its permeable and beautiful features. Its 80%-98% permeability greatly reduces the impact of LED display on the appearance of the building. With so many outstanding advantages, the LED light bar screen instantly surpasses the conventional LED screen and becomes the first choice for glass building LED display. In recent years, the management of outdoor advertising in cities has become more and more strict, and the phenomenon of dismantling conventional outdoor LED displays has appeared in large cities. In the case of outdoor advertising resources are so scarce, the emergence of outdoor LED screens enrich the types of outdoor media. I believe that the market awareness will gradually increase in the future, and the contrast between transparent LED display and outdoor LED display will be more and more intense!

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