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What Is VITAphone NEO? - Smart Cloud Intercom in Pocket


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2014 -- What is VITAphone NEO? VITAphone NEO is a smart cloud-based intercom powered by Android OS, that mounts near or directly into the entrance door. It features a 9.7” IPS LCD with touchscreen, dual cameras, microphone, speakers, biometric scanner, smoke detector, as well as light, temperature and humidity sensors. Device is directly connected to the Internet. You can talk with your visitor and open the door for him, while you are on another continent or flying in the airplane.

Unlike other entryphones available on the market, VITAphone NEO requires no additional control panel installation for each apartment. All You need is an internet-connected PC, Mac or modern smart-phone or tablet to be able to use allVITAphone NEO features. Due to the fact VITAphone NEO is much more scalable, our product is far most cost effective when compared to the current generation of entryphones and significantly superior to them in features.

VITAphone NEO has almost endless possibilities. You can open the door for your visitor without even leaving the couch by pressing a single button on your smart-phone. It's equally easy to send a door lock command to the intercom.VITAphone NEO features voice control functionality that allows you to control the device without a smartphone when you are indoors. You can control videostream, answer the door and control door lock using voice commands. These features are indispensable for the elderly or the infirm living alone who find it difficult to make their way across their home to perform routine tasks.

VITAphone NEO features

Thanks to the built-in biometric scanner you don't need to carry a bunch of keys to your home or office anymore. Just swipe your finger over the sensor and your door will open. You can even remotely add your visitors' fingerprint to the device database thereby giving a key from your door for him.

You can always see what's happening on either side of the front door. All You have to do is open the application on the smart-phone and start watching. Built-in high quality infrared cameras are capable of monitoring and even recording what's happening even in total darkness. Thanks to the PIR-motion sensor, video streaming and recording will be enabled in case of movement detection with real-time imaging instantly available on your smart phone. All of these features makesVITAphone NEO a worthy and more economical alternative to expensive security systems. Alarm system could be activated in case of unrecognized movement detection. Electric lock is blocked by VITAphone NEO in case of unauthorized attempts to open the lock, thereby denying the possibility of using lockpicks to hack it.

About VITAphone NEO
VITAphone NEO is equipped with the face recognition function. This gives VITAphone NEO ability to identify your visitors. Thanks to this feature our device can automatically open the door for registered users. VITAphone NEO has a «voice bell» option: when a visitor pushes a «call» button device speaks the name of the visitor, instead of playing default sound, if the visitor is registered in database.

You can purchase the device for yourself or if you live in an apartment building you and your fellow tenants can chip in. Once installed at the entrances of the apartment building, everyone will be able to use VITAphone NEO with personalized attention and security. The user database is unlimited so even hundreds of people living in a high-rise building can all use a single VITAphone NEO. All You need to do to get started is to install the VITAphone NEO app on a smart-phone, tablet or another device and bind it to the intercom. This is very simple task and can be easily done by the local device administrator in just a few minutes.

You can preorder VITAphone NEO on IndieGoGo.

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