What Items Can a Professional Shredding Company Shred


Gainesville, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2012 -- Every minute of every day, numerous cases of identity theft occur in the United States. In fact, it has recently been reported that as many as eleven million people become victims of identity theft each year. Sadly, it is not just individuals who are affected by this rising crime. Small and medium-sized businesses suffer from the growing trend that is known as business, or corporate, identity theft.

To a criminal, a small business is a more lucrative money-generating machine than an individual consumer. Additionally, a business is likely to have a higher available credit limit, as well as a database filled with customers’ names, addresses, and a treasure trove of other personal information. This is a goldmine for identity thieves. Overall, businesses in America lose as much as fifty billion dollars to corporate identity theft each year, including both home-based internet businesses and storefront brick-and-mortar establishments. Data security laws such as FACTA and the Red Flags Rule apply to all businesses, regardless of whether they have a federal tax identification number or not, so it is possible for a business of any size to be greatly injured if its confidential information has been compromised.

For a business owner, this means that the secure disposal of financial information, client lists, and other private data should be of the utmost importance. Hiring a reliable on-site paper shredding company is an integral component of business security.

TrueShred takes pride in helping Fairfax businesses remain safe and protected. We are a local company comprised of licensed, insured, and bonded professionals. It is our highest priority to provide shredding services that are secure and trustworthy.

Are paper documents the only items that should be securely shredded? There are a number of other items that also should be shredded in order to maximize protection from identity theft, fraud, loss of trade secrets, negative publicity, and/or the loss of confidential client information.

The top ten paper items that should be shredded are:

1. “Convenience checks” sent by a financial institution
2. Canceled checks
3. Bank statements
4. Paycheck stubs
5. Insurance records
6. Account records
7. Client lists
8. Medical records
9. Spending and profit information
10. Personnel files

The top ten non-paper items that should be shredded are:
1. X-rays
2. Product samples
3. Computer back-ups
5. DVDs
6. Uniforms
7. Identification badges
8. Cassette tapes
9. Video tapes
10. CDs and DVDs

TrueShred’s reliable state-of-the-art shredding services ensure not only that these items are kept out of the wrong hands, but also that they are kept from piling up on your office desks and floors. Eliminating document clutter from your business helps to remove safety hazards and distractions, as well as providing a barrier from potential lawsuits, identity theft, and fraud. Office space is also maximized by keeping obsolete material from crowding filing cabinets and stacking up in storage spaces. Remember, TrueShred’s on-site shredding service securely shreds both paper and non-paper items, in addition to that feeling of insecurity that comes with worrying about being vulnerable to identity thieves and con-artists. TrueShred’s motto is simple and well earned - Shredding You Can Trust!