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Manassas, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2012 -- Like most states, Maryland and Virginia have waste disposal needs that require careful consideration and the use of tested, technologically-advanced systems in order to protect residents and the environment. EnviroSolutions Inc. (ESI) is a company that has grown in response to those needs. Started in 2003, ESI provides an array of disposal services to meet the diverse needs of businesses and private residences around the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. Growing from a commitment to the ecological safety of the communities in which we work and a dedication to service, ESI has become a valued partner in a wide variety of waste disposal services.

Commercial Waste Removal and Recycling needs vary from business to business with no one-size-fits all solution. This is why ESI offers an array of containers and service schedules. Our dumpster rental services allow you to choose from a variety of container sizes along with pick-up schedules to suit your businesses needs, which allows you to keep your waste disposal costs to a minimum. As the needs of your business change, so will your waste removal needs. ESI can grow and expand with you along the way, ensuring that your disposal is happening appropriately and affordably.

For larger businesses and housing developments that see a great deal of trash on a daily basis, waste can stack up quickly and a regular dumpster rental may not be enough. In these cases, EnviroSolutions Inc. offers compactors. These high-volume containers crush waste down to a manageable size. This will reduce the number of waste pick-ups needed and save money.

Specialized compactors are able to handle dry waste (ex. apartment buildings and retail stores) or wet waste (ex. hotels and hospitals or other industries with lots of food waste and other wet materials). A few quick questions from our trained staff will help us understand your needs and get you the proper equipment.

Disposal transfer stations located around Maryland and Virginia are strategically located to make sure that our customers don’t have far to travel to dispose of their waste. These transfer stations provide a centralized location to effectively sort trash, routing it to its final destination to be discarded for good, or used again in another form.

Because ESI has a commitment to the environment, we take recycling seriously. Our commitment to use landfills efficiently has led us to design a state-of-the-art landfill and use cutting-edge landfill practices. As partners with the communities we work in and around, we ensure that materials that go into our landfills are materials that cannot be recycled in that community. In addition, many of our landfill sites exceed the minimum standards required by the federal government.

Waste disposal is a necessary component of our everyday lives. Without proper waste management rules in place and competent companies following those rules, the landscapes of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States would look much different than they do now. ESI is proud to be a part of a progressive solution to waste management, ensuring that the future of the communities we operate in is one that is free of debris and full of promise.

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