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What the #1 Bestselling Book, The SECRET, Did Not Reveal About the Law of Attraction

'TOTAL LAW OF ATTRACTION' - A New Book From Simon & Schuster Picks Up Where The Secret Left Off


Brevard County, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- In 2006, THE SECRET (published by Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster) made publishing history, unleashing unprecedented interest in the Law of Attraction. The book was featured on Oprah, hit The New York Times Bestseller List for 146 weeks and sold more than 16 million copies. The DVD tie-in sold more than 2 million copies.

The premise of the book was simple: thinking about what you want attracts it into your life. “But this is a major over simplification of the law and has resulted in negative articles and criticism,” says Dr. David Che, whose book TOTAL LAW OF ATTRACTION (now published by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster ) reveals for the first time what The Secret, its official sequel The Power, and other books about the Law of Attraction, do not. According to the contributors of The Secret, everything you've attracted into your life has been the result of your good or bad thoughts.

“But that is not entirely correct,” says Dr. Che, who adds, “Every single person has a subconscious mind and has the ability to create. So while one person is attracting good, another might be unintentionally attracting bad. It's very possible one person thinking positive thoughts could be accidentally caught up in another person's negative circumstance. If you're driving down the road with a positive attitude and someone else who's having a bad day decides to run a red light and hits you, you couldn't have possibly 'attracted' or prevented that from happening to yourself,” says Dr. Che. He adds that “80% of everything we've attracted into our lives is the result of our own thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions. The other 20% is due to external factors beyond our control.”

In his book, TOTAL LAW OF ATTRACTION, Dr. Che explains why the Law of Attraction is a lot more than just positive or negative thoughts. He explains why positive emotions and an unknown law called the Law of Detachment are just as important in manifesting in addition to the Law of Attraction. He cautions readers that like anything else in life, the Law of Attraction doesn’t work 100% of the time. “No other book on the Law of Attraction talks about what you CANNOT do,” says Dr. Che, who explains why such goals as winning the lottery are difficult, if not impossible to manifest. Dr. Che firmly believes The Law of Attraction is real, but is surely NOT the single magic bullet which will solve everyone's problems.

Dr. Che emphasizes that the real secret to success is combining the law of attraction with the law of detachment and gratitude. “Be grateful for everything, be attached to nothing,” he advises. If you can train yourself to do this, you will see amazing changes in your life day by day.”

For anyone who has read The Secret, wants to learn what key points were missing and how to make it successfully work in your life, TOTAL LAW OF ATTRACTION was written in the tradition of The Secret, picking up right where it left off. It offers readers a step-by-step explanation that is totally different from the many other books already available on the market. “Once you learn exactly how your thoughts and emotions create your reality, you have the ability to dramatically change your circumstances. And when you faithfully combine the Law of Attraction with the Law of Detachment on a daily basis and express gratitude to the universe, you are certain to see the positive results when you least expect it!

Unleash Your Secret Creative Power To Get What You Want!
By Dr. David Che
Publisher: Pocket Books, A Division Of Simon & Schuster
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About David Che
David Che received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2001 from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is in private practice in the city of Cocoa Beach offering services in all aspects of general dentistry. The subject of the law of attraction has deeply intrigued him since he was a child. He has studied and analyzed the most popular as well as little known books on the law of attraction. He enjoys giving seminars to teach people how to systematically apply the law of attraction to greatly improve their lives for the better. He lives in Florida.