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What to Do About Trip Cancellations

Miami, FL – 04/22/2020 – Because of COVID-19, travel has been significantly affected, resulting in delays and cancellations. For those wondering about how to proceed, a few different options may be available.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2020 -- For one, if travel dates are flexible, it may be an option to postpone the journey until it is safe to fly again than to cancel it entirely. Most airlines are permitting customers to delay the flights indefinitely. That choice may prove simpler in most cases than trying to get a refund. For trips booked through a third party like Expedia, a refund may be easier to come by.

When a refund isn't being offered as an option, a discount may be an alternative. A choice to look into is a credit that can be used for a future trip.

In regards to COVID-19 and travel, SoFLA Vacations assists in seeking accommodation during the pandemic. People such as emergency responders and those who cannot live at their homes may be eligible for help. For more information just visit the COVID-19 Housing Specialist page at

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