Kevon Wether

What to Do when Disaster Strikes - A Step by Step Guide by V Survivalists


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- Catastrophe can strike any time and V Survivalists looks to make its readers prepare for the worst. The website gives all the information needed to make it on your own if a natural calamity destroys your home. The secret is being prepared all the time because accidents happen without a warning.

The first thing one needs to be prepared with to survive an apocalypse is a Bug Out Bag or a bag which will contain all things one might need if ones home has been turned to dust. The Bug Out Bag Essentials are listed on the site and include things like water, food, shelter such as tents, tools for survival such as pen knives and waterproof matches, hygiene implements such as disposable tissues, a heat source, books and maps, a sleeping bag and miscellaneous items such as an emergency radio or phone.

In case of a natural disaster in an urban city, the website presents an urban prepper survival guide which talks about the procedure required to survive in a destroyed city. A well planned bag of essentials is a must. This must contain identity proofs because these might come in handy if the city is on chaos. Another thing that is required is a well thought out evacuation path which might lead some residents to safety if the city is in chaos and consequently dangerous.

The website also lists survival pantry supplies in case a family is stuck in their house with the outside being too dangerous to venture into. It says that it is very important to have ample stored water. Food items such as canned food, rice and pasta, cooking oil, baking ingredients, dry beans and lentils and flavoring substances are required in an emergency pantry.