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What to Know About Plantation Shutters

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Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2012 -- Plantation shutters have historical roots dating back to the Middle Ages. The term “plantation” came about as a result the use of these in the Caribbean and the southern climates of the United States later on in time. Over time, these shutters bcame popular as a decorative style and homeowners became enamored with these aesthetics and functional uses in their homes.

The different types of plantation shutters range from floor to ceiling which can create a dramatic effect, however most plantation shutters rest inside the frame of a window. The third style is the smaller café shutter that only covers the bottom portion of the window. The material composition of plantation shutter can vastly range from wood, either basswood or hardwood, and then stained or painted for a custom finish. Some plantation shutters can be made of vinyl, which are less expensive and more durable. These do not have the beauty of natural wood. Some composites have appearance of a wood shutter copying them in their look.

For a homeowner, what makes a plantation shutter advantageous? Firstly, they offer a level of privacy while also allowing airflow and a breeze to seep through for comfort. Secondly, the logistics of decorating become much easier as color, size, composition of material and even width of the plantation shutter slats are adaptable. They can be flexible for any and all rooms of a house. The versatility of plantation discount shutters allows them to provide the satisfaction for a casual or formal setting. They provide a real solid alternative to curtains or blinds Tampa. Usage can occur in apartments or full sized homes with adjustable slats that can control light and air into a room or home.

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