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What to Know Before Going Gluten Free


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- In the dietary and nutritional world, going Gluten-free could be considered the new black in terms of popularity. But before anyone undertakes the challenge of removing gluten from their diet, there are a few things to understand about what gluten is and how it functions in the body.

While some may need to remove gluten from their diets for health reasons, such as celiac disease or a diagnosed wheat allergy, many who take on this dietary challenge do it out of choice rather than necessity. A focus on the “hunter-gatherer” style of living has led many to choose this dietary focus for its health benefits, but there is little evidence that proves removing gluten automatically means improved health.

It’s important to realize that before self-treating any suspected celiac related illness by removing gluten that one should speak with their physician. There are other steps that those with celiac disease and other conditions must take to remain healthy other than just removing gluten from their diets.

One must also realize that just because there are many who do lose weight upon removing gluten from their diets, it’s not a magical cure for instant weight loss. Yes, removing carbs and focusing on healthier choices has been shown to reduce weight, carbohydrates are still needed for energy and health reasons. Some celiac patients experience weight gain due to the increased sugar and fat found in gluten free products, which is another reason it’s best to talk with a doctor before changing a dietary program.

If one has considered all these reasons and still decides a gluten-free lifestyle is something they wish to pursue, a registered dietician can assist in determining a meal plan and teaching one to identify gluten in products. They can also assist in making sure all essential nutrients are included in the diet while still removing the gluten products for overall better health.

Discuss this dietary option with a physician before undertaking it, but if going gluten-free sounds like a lifestyle choice that would fit one’s health goals, it’s worth pursuing and trying out to rid the body of unnecessary toxins and extra calories.

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