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What to Look for when Hiring a Lawyer After a Serious Car Accident


Melbourne, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- Recuperating after a car accident can be a long and difficult process. Stress is likely to be a prominent force in your life afterwards, requiring that one navigate hospital bills, insurance claims, and more. Having an experienced and reliable car accident lawyer on one's side is one of the very best things they can do to ease the stress, and ensure that they get the money in their pocket that they need and deserve. Here are some tips from Sinclair Law on what to look for when seeking a lawyer after a serious car accident in Florida.

Experience is the most valuable asset when hiring a car accident lawyer. Do not select an attorney if he or she is not specifically experienced with Florida traffic laws and auto accident cases.

Look for an attorney with prior success in your type of case.

Do not wait too long to hire an attorney. Act quickly, and begin to work with an attorney within a week or two of the car accident. This gives the attorney plenty of time to research your case, and to make important recommendations concerning your medical care and compensation.

Trust an attorney who will help with all insurance issues, from submitting a medical payments claim to the insurance company to negotiating with claims adjusters. This process is crucial.

Seek out a law firm with staff members who were previously employed within the insurance industry. Individuals who have worked for insurance companies have unique insight into the way claims work, and can use this experience to help receive the most monetary compensation possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask personal questions such as, “what do you think the strengths and weaknesses of my case are?” and “what results have you achieved in cases like mine?” The right attorney will have a personal involvement in every case that his or her firm handles, and a strong track record.

When speaking to an attorney, choose someone who genuinely cares about your case and wants to be involved. Quite contrary to “lawyer jokes” that people sometimes crack, not all lawyers are just out to earn a fee. The best attorneys are caring, empathetic individuals who genuinely care about helping after a car accident.

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