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What We Need to Know About the Best Oven to Cure Powder Coating

There are two types of oven that are used in curing powders used in powder coating paint. They vary widely in terms of the heating methods used.


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- When choosing an oven in curing powder coating, it is important to consider several factors such as the size of the product, width or thickness, composition, the amount of output that can be generated, the costs that will be incurred, and the type of powder that will be used in curing. Temperatures and time are two most critical factors to consider when it comes to curing powders.

Given a higher temperature, a limited exposure stage equates to lower temperature within certain confines. But it is imperative to note that it is the article temperature that is being considered when setting the curing temperature and not the emitter’s air or panel temperature.

The need for an efficient production labor and minimal maintenance costs requires that the ovens that will be used for powder curing must be made fuel-efficient and there is a proficient way of recycling hot air. The temperature required in curing powder should be made within 3 degrees Celsius range of the specified temperature. It should be exactingly controlled within the given range. And the temperature indicating buttons should be visible in the path of the workpiece oven. When setting up a workpiece oven, it is critical that there is ample allowance for its probable extension and for other alterations that might be done in the type and workflow of the workpieces. Air velocity is another thing to consider. There should be enough air velocity within a forced convection that would not blow powder off nor move workpieces so powder coating will come into contact with each other during stoving. The acceptable air velocity is within one to two metres per second range.

There are two types of oven that are used in curing powders used in powder coating paint. They vary widely in terms of the heating methods used.

One type is the infrared oven which makes use of infra-red heat energy emitted by a hot body and transported in straight lines that cause the absorption of heat resulting to the rise in temperature. The use of infrared oven is advantageous in the sense that it produces a sharp rise in object temperature which causes the ratio of the heat transferred by radiation as compared to the convection that increases abruptly.

The other type is convection oven which is the most famous method of curing powder coating. In convection ovens, gas or oil-fired heaters are used to heat the air. The required temperature must be provided by the circulation of the heated air in an enclosed space. The powder coated pieces are then brought into this space where they absorb heat, reach the surrounding temperature and are held at this temperature for certain period of time.

When curing powder coating, it is crucial to consider the color of the output. Depending on the composition of the powder, light colors can reflect impartially more infra-red radiation and do not heat up as fast as the darker colors. In determining the maximum curing conditions, each powder coating must be carefully evaluated.

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