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What We Need to Know when Shopping for the Best Gaming Laptops Under $500

What are the considerations when shopping for the best gaming laptops? What if one only has a budget of less than $500? Best Laptop for Gaming is the right place to know about the best gaming laptops in town for everyone’s budget and needs!


Lehighton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- Gamers has a lot to consider before choosing the best gaming laptop at a very low price. The best gaming laptop must have a set of features and specifications in order for it to work properly as expected to the games currently available in the market and provide the best gaming experience. Here are the things that we need to know when shopping for the best gaming laptops under a budget of $500.

1 – RAM, Processing Speed and Memory. The best gaming laptops must have fast processing speed and sufficient RAM Memory to function at its best. Most 3D games nowadays consumes large amount of data thus gaming laptops require a huge RAM Memory to capture the best gaming experience. A good data processor will provide a game which runs crisply and smoothly. Good thing these days is that laptops have expandable RAMS which users can increase anytime at a separate cost.

2 – Screen Size and Resolution. Gaming laptops need to have a large screen for a cinematic and immense gaming experience. It must also have a high-resolution of at least 1080 pixels.

3 – Hard Disk Drive. A good gaming laptop must have a huge hard drive at a very good speed in order for it to function well for gamers. Mechanical disk drives are the common type of hard drives which have moving parts and tend to wear out at short span of time. However, there is another type of hardware which cost a little higher compared to mechanical disk drives which is the Solid State Drives. These disk drives are not movable thus making it more durable and last longer even with extensive use.

4 –Audio Quality. Most games require listening skills and sense of hearing in order to detect enemies or make decisions while on the game. Thus audio quality is very important in choosing a gaming laptop because poor audio quality will not provide 100% enjoyment of the game. The best gaming laptops must have an audio which is compatible with a 5.1 or 7.1 stereo input/output.

And the last and most important laptop specification to be considered in buying a gaming laptop is:

5 – Graphics Processor. Current games features more immense graphics and realistic picture environments which can only be supported by dual graphic cards. A good gaming laptop which costs less than $500 dollars may have GTX580M Class Graphics Card compared to laptops which costs much with only GTX560M Class Graphics Card. According to a study done by NCIX Detectives, a very good gaming laptop which costs $500 and below may only have an i5 Dual Core Processor, 8 GB of RAM and GTX580M Graphic Card as compared to an expensive laptop with Full HD, Quadcore Processor, 12 GB of RAM but only has GTX60M Graphic Card. The verdict on the study is that, the one with a higher Graphic Card is the best way to go. With proper research and a very keen observation with the laptop’s specifications we can have the best gaming laptop at a less cost!

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