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What's Driving Encapsulated Caffeine Market Growth? Top Players: Watson Inc., Balchem Corporation, Taste Tech Ltd.

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2019 -- Encapsulated Caffeine Market Outlook

Caffeine is one of the most consumed psychotropic drug and can be legally consumed all across the world. But caffeine offers certain disadvantages such as it has tastes bitter, and thus, cannot be incorporated in various food products as it affects its taste. Masking the taste of caffeine becomes difficult when it is incorporated in the food items. Also, excess consumption of caffeine causes gastrointestinal stress and body discomfort. Thus, caffeine is encapsulated to increase its applications in various industries. Encapsulated caffeine is used in the preparation of various products such as confectioneries, creams, lotion, pharmaceutical formulations, beverages, etc. Encapsulation caffeine reduces the risk of degradation of caffeine in beverages and other products.

Several Advantages of Encapsulated Caffeine over Caffeine Boosts its Demand

The increasing demand for energy drinks is anticipated to boosts the sales of encapsulated caffeine. Caffeine is an important ingredient in the energy drinks as it aids to increase the stamina and helps the consumers to regain the energy. But the major problem is that that taste of energy drink might get affected due to the presence of caffeine. Thus, the demand for encapsulated caffeine is expected to increase among the energy drink manufacturers as it offers same properties but does not affect the flavour of energy drinks.

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The increase in health-awareness is estimated to serve as a driver for encapsulated caffeine. The consumers are becoming aware about the side-effects due to overdose of caffeine, and thus, are anticipated to prefer the products that contain encapsulated caffeine. Encapsulated caffeine offers a very good advantage as the release of caffeine is controlled by the covering, and therefore, a limited amount is released. The limited release of encapsulated caffeine helps to improve alertness and concentration. Also, the encapsulation of caffeine masks its bitter taste, which helps to improve the texture, aroma, and flavour of the product. The manufacturers can develop a variety of products that provide high energy by incorporating encapsulated caffeine without any compromise on its taste.

The demand for plant-based cosmetic products is anticipated to increase the demand for encapsulated caffeine. As the awareness about the side-effects of chemical ingredients is increasing, the consumer inclination towards the use of natural products is increasing. The encapsulated caffeine is a plant-derived ingredient, and therefore, is aligned with the consumer requirements. Encapsulated caffeine acts as an anti-cellulite and anti-aging agent, which tightens the blood vessels. The encapsulation of caffeine enables it to cross the barrier properties of the skin and can easily transport the active ingredients deep inside the skin, which helps in the treatment of cellulitis, protects skin, and decreases hair loss. Thus, the manufacturers in personal care and cosmetic industry can incorporate encapsulated caffeine to develop plant-based cosmetic products, which is expected to attract the health-conscious consumers.

Encapsulated Caffeine Market Segmentation

The Encapsulated Caffeine market can be segmented on the basis of end-use –

The Encapsulated Caffeine market can be segmented on the basis of end-use as:

Food and Beverage
Functional Foods and Dietary Supplements
Cosmetics and Personal Care

Encapsulated Caffeine Market: Regional Analysis

The demand for encapsulated caffeine is anticipated to increase in the North America region. The consumption of caffeine in high in North America. More than 75% of the adults in North America consume caffeine on regular basis. But the increase in awareness about the negative effects of caffeine is anticipated to increase the sales of encapsulated caffeine. The manufacturers of encapsulated caffeine have the chance to establish themselves in the North America region.

The high demand for energy drinks in Europe is anticipated to have a positive impact on encapsulated drinks market. As per the study by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), in 2011, 68% of adolescents, 18% of children and 30% of the adults consumed energy drinks. Also, the consumers prefer the consumption of energy drinks that are available in innovative flavours. Thus, the high consumption of energy drinks and demand for exotic flavours is anticipated to increase the demand for encapsulated caffeine in the Europe region.

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Encapsulated Caffeine Market: Key Participants

Few of the key market players in the Encapsulated Caffeine market are:

Watson Inc.
Balchem Corporation
Vision Processing Technologies, Inc.
Taste Tech ltd.