Whats Driving Truck Drivers to Look for a New Job?

A poll by www.everytruckjob.com attempts to get deeper insights into the challenges faced by truck drivers


Tuscaloosa, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- Truck drivers in America are under a lot of stress and do switch jobs quite often. A poll by http://www.everytruckjob.com attempts to get deeper insights into the challenges faced by truck drivers. Good truck drivers are hard to find and businesses need to know about the challenges truck drivers face in order to provide them better facilities and keep employees glued to their jobs.

Hard Work
The work load is pretty high and drivers get very few hours of rest after a long drive of more than ten hours. Truck drivers stay away from home most of the time and are not able to spend enough time with their family. These are some of the reasons that make the job of truck driving more stressful and far less fascinating than it appears in the beginning.

Patience Is Key
Now is the age of instant gratification. Anyone can get whatever is needed without going anywhere simply through a few clicks. Being born and brought up in such an environment, the truck drivers’ job requires a lot of patience. The traffic on roads is unpredictable and one cannot make any plans in advance. A lot of time is consumed in loading and unloading the truck and the driver has to be present during these processes. This can be very irritating for some drivers by waiting and have nothing else to do during this time.

Cutting Down On Time
If the truck is not maintained well, it also puts the driver under stress because the driver is the one who has to face the consequences. Similarly, lack of directions from the dispatcher also causes problems because truck drivers have to take longer routes and spend more time driving. With a better dispatching system, drivers can take shorter routes and reach home quicker and more often.

Place Your Vote
This poll is a great effort by Everytruckjob to bring the problems faced by truck drivers into light. Greater the number of truck drivers voting on the poll here, the better and more efficient the results are going to be. It is important for truck drivers to understand each other’s pain and take a simple step like voting on this poll for each others benefit. Once the results are out, attention can be given to the issues at hand and a solution can be reached.

Every responsible truck driver who has either changed a job or thought about quitting their job must vote on this poll. It will not only help them but the entire truck driving community.