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“What’s the Salary” Aims to Help Americans Research Potential Salaries, Requirements and Outlooks for Growing Career Fields


Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2011 -- WhatsTheSalary.com is a new Website designed to help people learn about a wide range of careers and their potential salaries in the U.S. The growing Website provides detailed descriptions of each career, its education requirements and future outlook.

At no time in recent history have so many Americans been contemplating career changes at all stages of life. In addition, the pressure on young adults to find something they love that can also provide them with a comfortable salary is growing exponentially as the economy contracts. While the reasons for these two groups are broad and varied, all of the participants in each group need to find something they love as well as something that is worth pursing for financial and future career prospects.

WhatsTheSalary.com has become the definitive resource for identifying careers and career salaries. The Website gives visitors a free and easy way to browse and see what salaries they can expect from various jobs and careers. While job salaries are emphasized, individuals can also find information on whether a specific career or job has potential for growth or if it is on a downward trend. “The goal of this Website is to help people gather crucial information to make the right decisions and move forward into a new career with confidence knowing that it is the right choice for them personally and financially,” said the Website’s founder.

The numerous careers are conveniently divided by several major categories including Business, Education, Engineering, Health, Law, Public Service and Technology. In addition to the salary information for the chosen career, each category provides in-depth job descriptions, information on training, education and any necessary certifications that the individual will have to acquire to work in the chosen field.

A majority of the careers listed have growth potential of anywhere from 10 to 35 percent over the next decade, thereby ensuring that anyone considering a career today will have great potential for employment in the future. The Website also has links to important salary survey information that can provide longer and more in-depth salary projections in some cases.

About WhatsTheSalary.com
WhatsTheSalary.com is a Website providing salary data as well as extra information such as detailed job descriptions, education, training, licensing and certification needed for a wide range of careers and jobs in the United States. The Website also provides job growth outlooks for each career. For more information, please visit http://whatsthesalary.com