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Toomey Leasing Group Leading Supplier of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Disappointed About Heathrow


Luton, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2013 -- Toomey Leasing Group, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wheelchair accessible vehicles, was disappointed to read a recent report posted on the Reduced Mobility Rights website which was critical of the countries’ largest airport, Heathrow.

The Reduced Mobility Rights website is a news portal for people with reduced ability and features people’s experiences of using public buildings and places.

In this case, an Irish man who only recently has experienced reduced ability, wrote an article about catching flights from the airport to South Africa. The man was using Heathrow to transit from his Dublin flight to the onward South African flight.

Confused assistance staff at T1 were, in the man’s words, unsure of how he could get transport to T5, and he and his wife eventually opted for a taxi which, Toomey was pleased to hear, was properly equipped. However, the driver did not know which door was closest to the Assistant Desk at T5, so then time was lost as staff had to arrange assistance and the onward flights were nearly missed.

Toomey Leasing was pleased to hear the taxi coped well, but less pleased to hear how such a large airport as Heathrow, one of the busiest in the world, was apparently fazed by a person of reduced mobility. Read the full story here.

Mr Martin Rowe, a director of contract hire and leasing group Toomey Leasing, said: “We supply vehicles which manufacturers have worked hard to cater for people of reduced mobility. To read that such a public place as Heathrow airport had difficulty with a passenger being dropped off at its doors is disappointing. We all have to do our bit to see mobility as being a ‘joined up’ strategy. We can supply the wheelchair accessible vehicles, but others also have to play their part. We can only hope that this was an isolated incident and that Heathrow does have in place a reduced mobility strategy.”

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