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When Car Title Becomes an Issue: What Broward Junk Car Removal Company Can Offer and How They Resolve the Complexity in Disposing Old and Junk Cars

Broward Junk Car Removal has now addressed the intricacies of buying junk cars and old cars. They are now acknowledging cars with no titles.


Coconut Creek, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- One problem that owners of used and old cars face is when they want to sell their pre-loved vehicles and they lose the titles already. Junk car companies usually require titles and registration documents for security reasons. It is understandable that these cash for junk car companies be strict about this process as protection against car theft instances. However, Broward Junk Car Removal who buys junk cars, having stringent processes in evaluating an old and junk car being sold to them.

For sellers who lost their car titles and registration paperworks, Broward Junk Car Removal provides assistance and guidance based on the law in the seller’s state. Sellers who have their registration but lost their titles experience great convenience in dealing with Broward Junk Car Removal company as they are only being asked to present their state driver’s license and a copy of the said registration.

It is important to note that this process is applicable depending on the state of the seller, as there are really US states which allow selling vehicles even without a car title. Here are some of the rules that every seller who are no longer in possession of their car title and / or registration documents and are wanting to sell their sell their old or junk cars:

Although this is generally the case, the laws differ from state to state, so it is very important to find out which situation applies. In some states you can sell the vehicle without a title, but you won’t be able to register it.

Selling Junk and Old Cars Older than 12 Years:

Typically, in some states, their laws allow cars older than 12 years be sold even without a title for as long as specific requirements are being met:

-DMV has thoroughly checked the car’s VIN. This means that the state’s database must be checked and the car must be verified not reported stolen.

-The seller needs to accomplish an affidavit detailing the intention to sell the vehicle. This affidavit states that the seller is legally the owner of the vehicle, it is older than 12 years, he doesn’t have the title in his possession, and that the car is inoperable.

-Once the first two processes have been completed, the bill of sale must be completed by the seller and the cash for car company can then release the payment for the vehicle.

Selling Junk and Old Cars Newer than 12 Years:

The process for this is basically easier. The owner can simply ask from the local DMV office for a duplicate copy of the car title for only $15 to $60. If this is not possible, in certain instances, the seller can opt to ask from the Country’s Sherriff’s Department a form permitting him to dispose the car even without a title to a certified company buying old and junk cars for parts or scraps. Just be informed that this process even requires the seller to provide a valid state identification document.

Selling Junk and Old Car Held by a Title Loan Company

Obviously, when this is the scenario, the car cannot be sold by the seller as the car technically belongs to the title loan company and not to the person selling it. Once the loan has been settled, the owner can then, without any complications, sell the car to a salvage yard or dealer.

Broward Junk Car Removal’s Promise of an Exceptional Service

Selling an old or a junk car has never been this easy with Broward Junk Car Removal company. The condition of a car does not affect the ability of Broward to offer the best possible price to its customers. Getting cash for junk or old cars has never been this easy.

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