When Disaster Strikes: Keeping Quality Water Supply for the Community


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2016 -- Disasters are everywhere. They can be in the form of flash floods, typhoons, earthquake, fire, tornadoes, and other forms. Nowadays, there are more disasters that wreak havoc to the surroundings than before. But aside from protection, the community should also have safe water supplies.

According to Water Technology Online, safe water supplies during disasters are emphasized. Starting from right planning to preventing many problems associated with the risks of having unclean water, homeowners should be informed.

Water Technology Online advised that people should merit proactive planning to prepare during emergencies and disasters. In order to avoid more issues when disasters hit, preparedness is considered an important aspect.

According to the article, the challenge to deliver clean water to the community and taking away the waste water should be prioritized when disasters hit. At the same time, infrastructures should develop systems to protect the community from poor water quality during disasters.

Water Technology Online emphasized the need for communities to work together even before the occurrence of a disaster. This is to ensure that people are safe. Experts pointed out the need for proper communication. People have to be updated about water levels, flow rates, water community and other information that can save countless of lives.

The article reported certain locations that practiced measures on disaster preparedness and made sure water supplies are safe. In Taiwan, there are reportedly organizations that use systems that report the condition of water regularly, such as pH levels, dissolved oxygen readings, turbidity and more. This, in turn, provides a resource to devise emergency plans when critical levels in water facilities are reached.

In New York where demand for water is high, there were reportedly pumps used to divert waste water when a fire hit the city's North River wastewater plan. In turn, the Hudson River and the Harlem River received the diverted waste waters to prevent the contamination of water lines which are connected to commercial and residential areas.

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