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When God Vetoes Your Plan: 'Trailblazing' Inspirational Speaker, Miracle Read, Exposes Secrets to a Life Without Limits in Empowering New Book

Reed’s latest book continues her globally-acclaimed passion to serve as a voice of hope for people from all walks of life. With prestigious engagements and a wealth of media appearances already under her belt, Reed expands her reach and influence with ‘When Goes Vetoes Your Plan: An Invitation to a Life without Limits’.


Pittsburgh, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- Born prematurely to drug-addicted parents, Miracle Reed wasn’t exactly poised to achieve great things. However, blessed by the gifts of God and with unshakable tenacity, Reed’s life has become a non-stop success of helping people around the world grasp hold of the hope that exists within everyone.

While she’s barely scratched the surface of her first quarter-century, Reed boasts two degrees, an envied list of visited/lived countries and a diary of speaking engagements that have been fashioned in a way that has placed her in comparison to Oprah Winfrey and Joyce Meyers. In short, it’s a life that has inspired thousands around the world.

With a wealth of experiences to share, Reed has compiled her life-changing advice into a powerful new book titled ‘When God Vetoes Your Plan: An Invitation to a Life without Limits’.


Have you ever felt like giving up, throwing in the towel, and walking away from everything you once desired? Have you lost hope in what used to be your aspiration in life? In many ways, you may have even thought that God had gotten in the way of your plans. If you can relate, then this book is for you! When God Vetoes Your Plan invites you to explore the endless possibilities of living a life without limits.

In fact, this book may open your eyes to see that your life is limited to the degree to which you allow. As you travel through the journey of a 1.6-pound, three-month-premature baby into womanhood as a pastor, you might be inspired to dream again, receive hope to believe in yourself, and be empowered to never look back at what was another day!

As the author explains, every shred of advice has been the result of overcoming heavy adversity.

“I’ve beaten just about every odd you could throw at me – from poor self-esteem and disappointment right through to harsher realities of familial drug addiction. Life’s rules told me to give up – but I’m someone who redefines by nature. I started my own ministry by the age of fifteen and, even though I am not even thirty, I’ve achieved more with God at this point in my life than most because of my inability to accept defeat or failure,” says Reed.

Continuing, “So, I am now committed to spreading my word as far and wide as possible, as it’s obviously having a life-changing effect on everyone that hears in.”

Early reviews for the book confirm Reed’s testaments.

“The talent of this amazing woman completely blows me away. WAY TO GO, MIRACLE!!! You have inspired me since your birth and I am so proud of you!” says Monique B.

Jasmine Wheeler was equally as impressed, adding, “I am so happy I got my hands on this book. a must read. This book will touch the hearts of the young to the elderly. There is something in here for everyone. This book shows you that you may have your whole life planned but God has something 20 times better that you could not comprehend.”

‘When God Vetoes Your Plan: An Invitation to a Life without Limits’ is available now. For more information, visit: http://miraclereed.com.

About Miracle Reed
Miracle Reed's name speaks for itself. From the very beginning, her life has exemplified the miraculous. From being born less than two pounds, three months premature, to preaching her first sermon at the age of seven, to traveling the US as an evangelist by the age of thirteen, to serving the Virgin Islands as a youth pastor and now being the associate pastor of Timbers Community Church in British Columbia, Canada, where she currently resides, life for her has been nothing short of a miracle. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services and Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Geneva College. She is honored daily to live a life that is a bridge of hope and inspiration for those who have lost their way. The love that she has for God is evident and her passion has been defined as "contagious" In times of challenge she made a decision to live a free life, a life that she declares has been promised to all who believe.