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When Gym-Goers Partake in Brutal Workouts, They Use Nayoya's Weight Lifting Straps


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- Nayoya Wellness, a health and fitness company that helps people attain a pain-free and stress-free life, recently announced that its in-demand weight lifting straps are now back in stock on Amazon.com. The comfortable straps, which were so popular that Nayoya Wellness’ entire inventory sold out within three days, protect the hands and wrists while making the user feel at one with the bar, remove grip fatigue, and aid against the formation of ugly hand callouses.

Nayoya Wellness’ acclaimed wrist straps are so popular because they set a new standard for gym equipment. The best-selling lifting straps are changing the workout world with its easy-to-use features and impressive technology. For example, the patent-pending product has been praised for its superior gripping surface—a characteristic that eliminates the old school wraps’ stiffness problems. Years of engineering have resulted in the product’s non-slip qualities, ensuring that it will not slide across the bar or slip due to sweat and moisture buildup.

Additionally, the cushiony nanoprene-padded straps are fully adjustable: they are over three inches in length and can fit the wrists of any man or woman. When coupled with the groundbreaking grip technology, this makes Nayoya’s wrist straps the perfect choice for anyone who needs a product with lifting straps and wrist supports.

Due to the extremely high demand of Nayoya Wellness’ grips, the state-of-the-art product frequently sells out. Shoppers are encouraged to purchase the weight lifting wrist straps before the company runs out of stock.

Since its launch over five years ago, Nayoya Wellness has been named one of the best wellness companies for the manufacture and distribution of Best-In-Class products. The company is also well known for the other items in its highly regarded and revolutionary gym equipment line. Nayoya Wellness’ gymnastic rings, waist trimmer belts, workout grips, massage gloves, ankle weights, yoga exercise mats, and Pilates circle ring—all of which can be viewed on the company website—are all popular products in its collection of items. The company aims to help its clients alleviate poor sleep, weight gain, neck pain, and other wellness problems.

“At Nayoya Wellness our motto is ‘Pain Free, Stress Free Living’ and that is exactly what we deliver to your doorstep with quality products that address your daily fitness and wellness needs,” stated an article on Nayoya Wellness’ website. “Whether it’s back pain, a lack of quality sleep, or the need for relaxing massage tools, look no further than Nayoya. You owe it to yourself to have a pain free, stress free living.”

Individuals interested in learning more about Nayoya Wellness and its impressive line of gym accessories can visit the company’s website for additional information. Visitors can also subscribe to Nayoya Wellness’ Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts for the latest updates on new products and solutions.

About Nayoya Wellness
Nayoya Wellness is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. Anyone who is interested in improving his or her quality of life through improved fitness and therapeutic tools is encouraged to visit the Nayoya website where customers will find items such as gym rings, back pain relief sets, cellulite removing massage gloves, lightproof sleep masks and abdominal mats for full range of motion ab workouts. For more information, please visit http://www.nayoya.com