When QuickBooks List Limits Hinder Performance, E-Tech's List Reduction Service Tackles the Issue


Kington, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2021 -- List entries help better manage a company data and are used mainly to keep track of things like customers, vendors, services, inventory items, and non-inventory items.

QuickBooks Desktop ideally allows for two years of detailed transactions to be stored in a company data file for past project information and so that reports can be compared. Intuit says that the rate of growth of QuickBooks Desktop company data files varies from company to company and there is no average data file size as businesses are different and track different information.

Every list type can have up to four levels of child accounts and an unlimited number of child accounts under a parent account. QuickBooks Premier and Pro have a hard limit of 14,500 names in the data file. A name is a customer, vendor, account, employee, item or other name. Once you hit that limit for the combined list of names, you are forced to upgrade to the costlier QuickBooks Enterprise," E-Tech's John Rocha said.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 17.0 and later versions allows to add up to one million names which includes customers, vendors, employees and up to one million items. Performance is likely to deteriorate as lists approach these size thresholds which could cause an extended wait time for downloading data from QuickBooks by Unify Desktop, and could also result in complete and unrecoverable data loss within the company file.

Rocha believes Condensing or SuperCondensing a data file will not only bring down the size of the data file but also remove any unused lists from the file. E-Tech offers a turnkey service to reduce the list size based specific criteria.

E-Tech's List Reduction Service weeds out data specific to customers, vendors or items. This service reduces list items in the QuickBooks data file without the loss of any historical transactions.

For more information, visit https://quickbooksrecovery.co.uk/quickbooks-file-data-services/quickbooks-list-reduction-service/

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