When Safety Matters, PatrolScan Delivers


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2016 -- Security tours are more punctual and safe thanks to PatrolScan's state-of-the-art guard tour monitoring systems. For more than thirteen years, the company has been dedicated to providing security tracking devices that make any job safer for security guards and supervisors. Thanks to PatrolScan and their proprietary software, compiling security tour data is now a veritable breeze. Keeping an eye on a building's security has never been this affordable, effortless and complete.

Security is not often an easy job; protection is important, not just for the integrity of a location but for personnel as well. With the security management software that PatrolScan provides keeping an eye on security staff, checkpoints, exceptions and incidents is easy. The software included with the security tracking devices is intuitive and works on most Windows computers. An easy way to see when guards hit their marks is invaluable in a security operation. Each time personnel walks by a Touch Probe they can simply tap a provided PatrolScan touch memory chip and continue their tour. Each time a Touch Probe is activated, the exact time and place is recorded allowing security managers to see if tours were early, late or missed altogether.

Multi-level user passwords allow for security personnel to have as much access to records and reports as supervisors deem necessary. PatrolScan's software keeps personnel files as well so users can evaluate the effectiveness of a team as well as an individual. Reports are easy to read, compiled neatly and clearly in the software. With PatrolScan's guard tour systems, personnel are safer and supervisors are more effective.

Those interested in PatrolScan's guard tour systems can call the company at 800-878-SCAN (7226), more information is also available on PatrolScan's website. Anyone interested can view complete slideshows of PatrolScan's software and hardware on their website. The company also offers free trials.

About PatrolScan
Facilities Control Technology is a privately held corporation that is dedicated to providing their clients with high quality, reliable security management software. They have been continuously developing and producing innovative guard tour systems in the Philadelphia area for over 13 years. As security remains a top concern for all corporations, their clients span the globe, from Canada to New Zealand, Great Britain and Italy. Their goal is to ensure the protection of their clients is strengthened by using PatrolScan.

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