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When Storing and Transporting Valuable Goods, How Can They Be Protected from Damage


Woodbridge, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2019 -- Canada is a big country – with rugged terrain and dramatic weather to go with it. Transporting goods across such a vast space, with all the extra challenges posed by the elements, is no small task – whether relocating or shipping consumer items, taking that extra moment to choose a secure option is a key consideration.

Cargo control equipment is the best method of securing valuable products in their place, ensuring they don't get bumped around and damaged in the back of a trailer. Toronto Trailers is a provider of mobile self-storage units across Ontario, with a range of options including both short and long-term rental of trailer storage or storage containers.

"If someone has opted to store and transport items in a trailer or storage container, chances are those items are big, heavy and reasonably valuable –and therefore more likely to be the cause of some costly damage," says a spokesperson for Toronto Trailers.

"Items like this need to be properly secured to prevent them freely smashing into each other inside the trailer, which is always a possibility during long road trips and difficult weather conditions. Fortunately we have a range of solid options for fastening goods in place, with our cargo bars and ratcheting bars working in tandem with a track system to create and exploit the natural pressure between goods and the sides of the truck to hold things steady. Other options include variations on these, such as e-track load bars, load bar applications and cargo load locks, which are all effective ways of securing items."

Heavy duty methods of securing items are one solution, but another more straightforward method is the type of packaging used on the items themselves. Toronto Trailers provide a wide selection of moving blankets and padding, and protective covers, to give a soft and padded cushion around delicate items that can insulate them from damaging impacts.

"Collisions and physical impacts are not the only cause of damage for valuable items," adds the spokesperson. "Dirt, temperature change and dampness can affect goods so to be completely safe, we provide protective covers and plastic sheeting to tightly seal items in their original state.

"For extra protection, we also provide a selection of tools to make moving items easier, such as moving assistance dollies and hand trucks, and also straps and boards for specific items, such as pianos. We customize our ratchet straps for all vehicle and cargo types, tailoring them to suit the required width, length and also material, with polyester and nylon choices available.

"For transporting vehicles, we have options such as bespoke ratchet straps for motorcycles, and wheel nets for these and any other type of vehicle. For extra durability, there is the choice of polyester webbing to wrap around cargo in a particularly secure manner, while this itself can be further reinforced with Cordura sleeves."

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Toronto Trailers rents and sells trailer storage and storage containers for use across Ontario, providing a service for both commercial and personal use. It also provides an array of supplementary features to shield and protect items during storage and transit.