New Start Biorecovery

When the Unthinkable Happens, New Start Biorecovery Makes Things Right

Experienced Texas-based Company Offers Services for Trauma Cleaning, Hoarding Cleaning, and Environmental Disinfection


Pflugerville, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2016 -- There are some things in life that we simply aren't prepared for. No amount of training, knowledge, experience or education is enough for some situations. That's where New Start Biorecovery comes in. New Start Biorecovery is a trusted and experienced business that offers Trauma Cleaning Services, Hoarding Cleaning Services, and Environmental Disinfection Services.

New Start Biorecovery has the ability to handle any type of decontamination cleanup including Crime Scene Clean Up, Suicide Clean Up, Blood Clean Up, Death Clean Up, Trauma Clean Up, Biohazard Clean Up, Bodily Fluids, Human Waste, Pet Waste, Animal Waste, Infestation, Industrial Accident, Onsite Cleanup, Odor Control, Odor Remediation, Dead Animal, and Animal Droppings. These are scenarios no one wants to face, but the reality is – they exist. Since 2006, New Start Biocovery's professional yet sensitive way of handling each and every one of these situations has ensured execution is carried out with the utmost efficiency and care leaving the client more energy to focus on the other circumstances surrounding the trauma.

Hoarding is another area covered by New Start Biorecovery's clean up services. Everyone may know a friend or family member who seemingly has to hold onto every single material item they come into contact with. While many cases are more or less harmless and don't get so out of control that they completely dominate a person's life and even put their family in harm's way (as has been popularized on some television shows), some certainly do. From cleaning, professional organization, to emotional support and everything in between, New Start Biorecovery is there with their clients from start to finish. New Start Biorecovery's team is comprised of individuals who are experts in handling gross filth, clutter, chronic disorganization, and trash removal.

An additional core service of New Start Biorecovery is Environmental Disinfection which involves protecting against numerous diseases including Listeria, Salmonella, E. Coli, Botulism, Norovirus, Hepatits A, Distemper Virus, Giardia, Staph infection, and Parvo. Team members are well versed in Bacterial and Viral Infectious Outbreaks, Infection Control, Health Response, and Health Hazard Mitigation. Additionally, they also provide SixLog Disinfection services and sanitation services to truly get the job done right!

Whether their client is someone working with law enforcement referring a victim, a property owner looking to restore an environment back to a healthy and safe standard, or a major operation battling an infectious outbreak, New Start Biorecovery has the proven experience to handle the job with the utmost professionalism that fuses together competence and kindness.

"There are things in life we can't control. One of those things is death. As devastating as that or many other traumatic events may be, we believe there's always a ray of hope in some way and we try to be a part of that" shared New Start Biorecovery Owner Eduardo Lopez. "I think our name really sums us up quite well. We truly are about giving people a fresh, clean start the best way we know how."

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About New Start Biorecovery
New Start Biorecovery is company made of professionals who clean up in the instance or aftermath of crime, trauma, blood, death, suicide, and hoarding. They also provide decontamination solutions for bacterial and viral outbreaks. Emergency response is available 24/7. Austin's finest in crime, trauma, blood, suicide, homicide and death cleaning, New Start Biorecovery is certified through the American Biorecovery Association. They also specialize in cleaning for squalors and the chronically disorganized are certified for environmental disinfection caused by bacterial and viral outbreaks. A member of Decontamination Professionals International (, they can assist in homes, apartments and businesses.