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"When Your Baby Dies": Life-Changing Memoir Brings Solace & Hope to Grieving Parents

Written as an inspirational journey of grief after losing her only child aged 30, Renee Hogan Blythe’s ‘When Your Baby Dies’ is an intimate account of every mother’s worst nightmare. Poised to help grieving parents understand that they are not alone in their darkest days, the book is set to resonate with thousands of parents around the world.


Virginia Beach, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- As Renee Hogan Blythe attests, losing a child thrusts parents into a world that is changed forever. While forced to learn to buy, think and make plans differently for the rest of their lives, no adjustment is greater than the realization that they will never see their child again. Virginia’s Renee Hogan Blythe is one mother living this reminder each and every day; ‘When Your Baby Dies’ is the story of her inspirational journey of grief.

Written to offer vital comfort and information to parents who have lost children through accidents, natural causes, suicide and any other tragic circumstance, the book serves a tool for bad days and a life-long reminder that they are not grieving alone.

“I start by telling the reader all about my wonderful son Kristopher, our special bond and an account of the morning I found him dead when he was aged only thirty,” says Blythe, whose son was determined to have died from natural causes.

She continues, “I take readers through my journey of grief, how I felt I was traveling it alone and to my eventual realization that tens of thousands of other mothers were going through exactly the same thing. Through prose and poetry I then empower parents to put their faith in God and trust in His plan for them. They are not alone in their emotions, and they never will be.”

The book’s thirty chapters use Blythe’s personal journey to provide vital information on topics including the many emotions experienced soon after losing a child, how to cope with friends and family, different causes of death and how they affect grief, healing, long-term coping strategies and even how to adjust to a new normal.

“Immediately when parents have a child die, they start asking questions that will never be answered. Questions such as “Why did this happen to me? Why did God take my child? Why didn't God or someone stop what happened?”; Most parents blame themselves in some way as we are the ones who are responsible for protecting our children. It's natural to feel this way. It's natural to feel guilt. It's natural to feel anger. The journey of grief for a parent is long and never-ending. I wrote my book to provide comfort to the many that will need it for the rest of their lives,” Blythe adds.

With over fifty thousand children under the age of eighteen dying in the U.S. each year, not to mention the thousands of adult children, and with few books on the market that use personal stories to help others cope with their own situations, Blythe’s remarkable work is expected to strike a chord with thousands seeking solace.

‘When Your Baby Dies’, published by iUniverse, is due for release soon.

About the author: Renee Hogan Blythe
Renee Hogan Blythe was born in a small town, in Arkansas, and she now resides in Virginia. Her son, Kristopher Glen Hardrick, died in their Virginia home on June 3, 2008 of natural causes at the age of thirty. After a short-term marriage, she was a single parent in every way that counts—emotionally and financially. Her experiences during the next five years led her to write her first book.