Where and How to Sell an Internet Business? Website Flipping Finds a Home at Bizbroker24

Website Flipping is the hottest money making opportunity online. Website flipping means buying and selling websites. Many Internet Entrepreneurs also build a profitable website business out of scratch and later on sell it for a great profit.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Bizbroker24, is home to a new trend in buying and selling websites known as "website flipping." Bizbroker24 is an industry leading broker of online businesses. Offering direct access to an established network of pre-qualified international investors, Bizbroker24 is perfectly placed to drive demand to your business and maximize value for your company.

According to CEO Steve Endrizzi, "Website flipping is one of the most recent business opportunities attracting Internet entrepreneurs. People love the idea of buying and building profitable website businesses from scratch and selling it for a great profit."

The company specializes in the listing and sales of websites and internet businesses with a price between $100,000 – $5,000,000. Unlike conventional business brokers who mix the marketing of Internet based businesses with their traditional business services, BizBroker24 is only concerned with online business to ensure that clients receive expert and high quality service that they deserve.

BizBroker24 is multi-faceted since it does not only deal with website business brokers but also with internet entrepreneurs as well. The company has long experience with ecommerce websites, membership based models, affiliate and pay-per-click website businesses and pure web 2.0 social networking plays. Bizbroker24 can sell website very quickly (2-6 weeks).

“We know from personal experience the effort you've invested in your business. And now that you’re considering its sale, you can trust that BizBroker24. We will definitely assist you through the entire sales process, and help you achieve maximum value for your business,” stated Steve Endrizzi founder and owner of BizBroker24.

Sell website and buy website, the business of the century! The company provides assistance to clients who may want to sell their business. In order to get the most value and ensure the success of the business deal, the client, with the help of the company, determines his priorities, evaluates the timing of the sale, and assembles an expert team to assist him or her along the way. The company also acquaints him with the ethical and legal duties that has to undertake in his business.

Working with BizBroker24 means that a seller or buyer will get a price that is the result of analyzing all factors that contribute to a website’s marketability.

BizBroker24 will help clients from step A- Z of selling their site. There will bee free evaluation of the business and a broker or two will work with the client in order to determinate the best exit strategy and positioning to achieve the optimal sale amount.

BizBroker24 will always be available for people who need its help. BizBroker24 can make dreams come true. Sell a Website Now, contact BizBroker24 and get a Free Valuation Report in 24 hours.

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