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Where to Buy Quality BMW Parts Online in Australia

Finding good replacement car parts for BMW in Australia can be hard. Voluto is an Australian owned company specialising in genuine, OEM and aftermarket parts for BMW.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- BMW cars are notoriously expensive to maintain and repair. Some people even say that BMW equals to “Break My Wallet” - comical yet true. However BMW’s are a very well built, long lasting car that can outlast many other cars on the road, on the proviso that it’s well maintained.

Since the late 1990’s there’s been consistent growth in local sales in Australia of BMWs. We saw a huge influx of the E36, E46, E60, E90, and it continues with the recent models of today. Given this sustained growth, we are seeing many older BMWs reaching their second and third owners. They’ve likely picked their cars up for less than $30,000 and simply can’t justify paying BMW dealer prices that can easily set you back several thousand each time your BMW service rolls around.

As a result of this booming market, there are many websites out there selling BMW car parts, at significant discounts from what you’d expect to pay the local dealer. And buying from a secondary source also doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to compromise on quality. You’ll get access to the same genuine BMW parts you’ll be able to source from the dealer, but you’ll also get alternatives at heavily discounted prices such as OEM parts or aftermarket parts.

OEM parts are parts made by the same manufacturers that BMW uses for their genuine range. OEM brands to BMW include likes of Bosch, Mahle, Lemforder to name a few. Aftermarket parts have many different gradings, and come from big name German brands from companies worth billions, to small unknown factories in the countryside in China. Always understand what the brand of your BMW part is before purchase, and ensure that is lives up with your quality expectations

Voluto is one of these online retailers of BMW parts, ready to assist you with maintaining your BMW. They see the majority of the sales volume from regular maintenance type parts like Mann oil filters & air filters, Bosch fuel filters, Continental Belts and so on, so you’ll generally find these items in stock in Sydney and ready for fast shipping to keep your car in good stead or back on the road if it’s out of action. Secondary to that is auxiliary equipment such as radiators, alternators & fuel pumps that fail over time, and if out of stock in the Australian warehouse can generally be imported in about a week at significantly discounted prices. You can find them at

They try to include as much information to help you locate the right part for your car, including fitment guides. But also provide you with information about the part you are buying and a little something about the company that manufactures it. As a general rule though, Voluto only stocks big trustworthy brand names so you can buy confidently knowing that you won’t receive any less than the best, yet with reasonable prices that won’t make you wish you bought a Toyota - that would be terrible!

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