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Where to Find Estate Sale Companies & What to Expect


Annapolis, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2015 --, the only online news magazine devoted to the estate sale industry, providing information and news about the estate liquidation business, is running a series of articles to assist the public about what to expect from online companies that showcase estate sale companies, estate sales, and also companies that offer memberships and online education for the estate liquidation business.

We sent out questionnaires to estate sale listing websites and estate sale associations and societies to find out what their criteria is and how it can assist the public.

Many people use these websites to find estate liquidators so understanding what they offer and expect of these companies is very important to choosing the right estate sale company.

It is also important to understand if they have limitations for both listing websites and associations and societies.

We have devoted our Front Page last week and this week with the questions and their answers.

Last week we had three estate sale listing websites responding including how they handle complaints about estate sale companies. They also disclosed the process to handling complaints and each of them is different.

This week we are featuring the associations and societies that offer estate sale companies memberships, what they require for memberships, and online education.

The associations and societies are growing businesses from the booming estate liquidation industry. One company that offers membership and online education has been out there since 2000. The others have all been formed in the last year or two.

The public can learn what an estate sale company's membership in one of these associations or societies provides as well as the websites listing estate sales and estate sale companies.

Carol Madden